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Shooting / editing skills
« on: July 21, 2018, 03:29:50 PM »
Show them here.
What happens in your fantasy?

all the "victims" are over 18 and pic are all from open accounts.

Site Feedback / Questions / Suggestions / Your victim
« on: March 27, 2018, 11:38:24 PM »
What should happen to these guys?

Alex Lange
Gavin Casalegno
Dylan Jordan
Caleb Burton
Ben Azelart

Shooting / Blood and bullet holes ect.
« on: October 05, 2017, 03:21:15 AM »
Hi BD fans...

I have a few idears but lack the skill to do it myself anyone who could lend a hand ?
I would love some effect on these pic. (All is 18 or older)
If you have any idears when you see the pics feel free to add your own effect to them.

Hypnosis / Mind Control / Ray- Mike and Alexis
« on: August 24, 2016, 11:39:08 AM »

Ray is invited over to help Mike out With homework. But Mike Have other plans with Ray. Mike Is a master of hypnosis and he hates Ray, who´is arrogant and selfish.
Mike comes into the appartment and they sit down in the livingroom. They start to work. Mike gets up and leave to get something to drink, He returns and gives Ray a glas of water. Ray drinks it all and it does not take long before the drugs takes effect. Ray pass out. Mike´s roommate Alexis comes into the room and is both chocked and turned on by what he sees. Mike starts to talk to Alexis and Alexis ends up under Hypnosis.
Then Mike Turns to Ray and Ties him up on the floor. Ray Wakes up and cant move (because he is tied up ) Mike gets up besides him and brings him under his control. Then Mike unties Ray and orders him on his feet. He orders Alexis to grab the videocamera and start to film. Alexis obeys and so does Ray. Ray is now ordered to strip down to his boxers and he obeys.
Mike strips down to his boxers as well. Then Mike starts to touch  Rays upperbody. Then he starts to kiss/lick Ray´s chest and biting his nipples. Ray starts to moan and when Mike reaches Ray´s boxers Ray is rock Hard. So is Mike and he now orders Ray to his knees. Ray Obeys again and Mike takes out his cock. He orders Ray to grab it and jerk it. "Wow you´re huge"
Ray says. "Thanks, not shut up and suck it" Mike says. Ray obeys again. Behind the camera Alexis is turned on and start to jerk off while filming. It does not take long for Mike to cum and he covers Ray´s chest  with the load. "Get up." Mike says and Ray stands. Mike then takes Ray to the bed where Ray gets on his back and Mike takes Rays feet over his shoulder and without warning Mike shove his rock hard cock into Rays hole.
Ray screams in pain but Mike wont let go. After a while Ray is ordered onto the floor again and Ray obeys again. Mike then graps a gun (With muffler) And fire 2 shots, one in each of Ray´s kneecaps. Ray yells out in pain and falls to the floor. Mike fires 2 more shots. one in each of Rays elbows. (That prevents Ray from moving) Mike then puts 4 shots right into Rays chest at close range. Ray body twitches for each bullet that enters his chest. Ray dies. Mike then sits down besides him and put the gun to Rays forhead and fires a final shot.
Mike the turns to Alexis and orders him to his knees in front of him. Alexis obeys and gives Mike a blowjob (Fake one) We see how Mike enjoys it and moans even more than when Ray did it and Mike leans his head back in pleasure. After Mike comes,he puts the gun to Alexis forhead and fires a shot. Alexis Dies instantly and falls to the floor. Mike then fires 4 more shots into Alexis Chest and then leaves the room

Custom Videos / Question for all
« on: July 18, 2016, 11:49:56 AM »
I have been writing a lot of scenes and i was wondering if anyone likes them enough to pay for them to be made. If so choose which one you like and let me know and if you have any changes to them let me know those too

Photos / Videos / Best Deaths but no deaths
« on: June 22, 2016, 12:12:32 AM »
First of all let me say that i love the teamwork between BD and Boys on edge. ( by that i mean the part about BD get to use Boys On Edge models)

But i dont understand the part where there is made scenes/videos whitout deaths ( Isn't that the point of this site)

Shooting / Blake - Scrappy- Nicko and Jay
« on: May 12, 2016, 07:37:49 PM »
Scrappy - Blake -  Nicko and Jay.

Blake is the killer. And like we have seen before he is a master of hypnosis.

Blake has invited Scrappy, Nicko and Jay home to his apartment to watch movies. But they dont know that Blake has filmed a hypnosis program which he puts on instead of the movie.

The boys are instantly drawn to the video, and they cant take their eyes away. The video slowly brings them under hypnosis and under Blakes control.  As the video ends the boys are sitting and staring blankly into space.

Blake turns off the TV and turn his attention to the boys as he orders them to strip so they are only wearing boxers. The boys obey and they are ordered to the middle of the floor.

Blake takes Nicko into the bedroom, leaving the other 2 in the living room. In the bedroom Blake orders Nicko to take of his boxers and Nicko obey and stands naked in front of Blake. Blake starts playing with Nicko's torso using his tongue. When he reaches Nicko's stomach Blakes chin hits  Nicko's now hard cock. Blake  grabs it and jerks it a little. This causes Nicko to groan.

Then Blake closes his mouth around Nicko's cock and starts to give Nicko a blowjob. Nicko's moaning gets louder. Blake Wont let Nicko cum. So he stops the Blowjob after a while. He orders Nicko on his knees as he opens his pants and pulls out His own Hard cock.  Nicko then returns the favor and gives Blake a blowjob and Blake comes quickly in Nicko´s mouth.

Blake then calls Scrappy into the bedroom. Blake gives Scrappy same treatment. Then he gets Nicko and Scrappy to fuck.
Blake calls Jay into the room. Blake finds a pistol and a machine gun out from a drawer. He asks Nicko to bend over the bed. Blake puts a little lube on the course of the machine gun and push the barrel into Nicko´s hole. Nicko groans a little and says, "Yeah give it to me" Blake smiles "As you wish" Blake pulls the trigger for 5 seconds and fills Nicko's hole with lead. Nicko's body shaking vigorously for all 5 seconds before his body falls lifeless on the bed with both legs hanging over the side of the bed's edge.

Then he turns his attention to Jay. He put a silencer on the gun and loads the gun in front of the boys. Blake asks Scrappy to sit on the bed, leaving Jay alone on the floor with Blake. Blake goes over to Jay whos standing in front of him wearing boxers. Blake then fires 2 shots one in each of Jay's knees. Jay roar of pain and fall to the floor. He lies on his back and keeps a hand on each knee to dull the pain. Blakes fires 2 more shots hitting Jay in both elbow joints. Another roar of pain. Jay is now unable  to move legs or arms.

He lies helpless on his back in front of Blake. Blake smiles and steps up to Jay´s hips. Then he raises his gun and fire five shots into Jay´s Chest. Jay dies and Blake puts the gun ran to Jay´s forehead and fires one last shot. Blake takes a picture of Jay lying on the floor with five small holes in the chest and a hole in the middle of the forehead.

Then Blake orders Scrappy to the floor. Blake put the gun ran against Scrapys stomach just above the navel and fire 2 shots. Scrappy gasps and he jolts from each shot. Scrappy looks down  himself and then falls to his knees and onto his back. Blake gets on his knees beside Scrappy and lets the gun run down Scrappys body, and ends up on the bulge in Scrappys Boxers. Scrappy shakes his head but Blake smiles again and pulls the trigger. Scrappys entire body reacts to the shots and he contracts in a roar of pain, shortly before he faints.

Blake fetch a pitcher of water and pours it over Scrappy, so he wakes up again. Then Blake helps Scrappy to sit up. Then Blake puts the gun ran against Scrappys throat and fire 2 shots. Scrappy head jolts with each shot and he falls back onto the floor. Blake takes his phone out and take a few pictures of Scrappys final seconds while blood from Scrappys neck spreads all over the floor.

« on: February 29, 2016, 06:29:28 PM »
Am i the only one who regrets to have bought this scene.... ? There's hardly any sounds in this video.... The blowjob is filmed well, but there is no indication of enjoyment ... no moaning or other signs of pleasure except the fact that the guy gets hard...such a shame with hot guys like this

Actors / hey writers
« on: February 25, 2016, 06:07:22 PM »
Hey writers ....
I´ve been writing for a while now... I was wondering if any of you have any kills/scenes you had in mind but just haven't been able to write yet.... let me know what you want to see

Stabbing / Justin Bieber/ Alexis Story from Any ideas
« on: February 17, 2016, 07:46:12 PM »
Alexis has got a job as a security guard. His first job is to guard the Pop idol Justin Bieber for a concert in LA. Alexis meet with Justin the morning before the concert. Here he leans about the job. What people do not know is that Alexis hate Justin Bieber. He doesn't even know why.

After the meeting,Justin and Alexis are alone in the car and are heading out to find a place to eat lunch. They find a place and Alexis quickly realises that Justin is exactly like they say in the media.

When they come back to the hotel Justin gets in the shower. Alexis starts to make drinks but he puts a sleeping draft in Justins drink and then he waits for the popstar to return. Justin comes back from the bathroom and sits down with Alexis. They talk a little and Justin begins to drink his drink. It does not take long before the sleeping drug works and Justin end up falling asleep.

Alexis know that the room is soundproof on request from the crew. Mostly due to the loud music that Justin plays.
Alexis pulls Justin into one of the bedrooms and throws him onto the bed. He straps Justins hands to the bed with tape. He makes sure that Justin's hands are above his head so Alexiss can see Justin's armpits. then he straps  the hands to the headboard. The he does the same with the feet. Justin has shorts and a tank top on.

While Justin is asleep Alexis leaves the room and hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. Some time after he comes back after a shopping trip. He has been out and buy supplies in the form of a 9 mm pistol and silencer, an ice pick and more duct tape. He goes straight into the bedroom where Justin is still asleep. Alexis then goes to find a pair of scissors. Then he covers Justins mouth with duct tape.

Justin wakes up and starts to panic.

Alexis assure Justin that as long as he plays along nothing bad is gonna happen to him. Justin gives a short and frightened nod to indicate that he understands. It is obvious that Alexis has a great weakness against idol toned torso. Alexis gets up and fetches a glass of water. He stands next to Justin for a moment before he pours water out of Justin's upper body. That results in Justin's body now shines almost like he was covered in oil. Alexis smears out the water so that it covers the entire body and then the fun begins.

Alexis starts to lick Justin's chest and he  gently bites Justin Nipples. "Are you enjoying it?" Alexis askes. And Justin nods since he has been told to "play along"."Then moan" Alexis says and continues to lick and kiss his way down to Justin's stomach. Justin groans awkwardly through the tape. It takes some time before Justin gets his body to react  to what is happening, but when Alexis gets to Justins stomach for the 3 time there is a huge bulge in Justins Boxers. "Good boy" says Alexis. He begins to massage Justin Bulge and Justin Groans again. Alexis starts to cut up the boxers and that leaves Justin Nude with a hard cock lying up against his stomach.

Alexis cant take it anymore so he takes a hold of Justin's cock and start playing with it while his other hand is fixed on Justin's Chest.  Alexis puts Justin's cock in his mouth and starts giving the pop star a blowjob. Justin groans clearer and he looks like he actually enjoys it. Alexis does it so well that is only takes like a minute for Justin to Cum.

 The pressure is so big that Justin shoots his loade up on his chest and leaves a long trail of sperm from the thorax to the abdomen. Alexis smear the sperm out so that it covers the entire body and then he leaves the room for a moment and comes back with a thin candle.

Alexis puts the candle against Justin's hole and push it without warning into Justin. Justin groans out a grunt of pain and Alexis pushes the candle further into the hole till the candle is all the way in.

He pulls the candle out again and leave the room. He gives Justin a break and after 5 - 10 min he comes back. Alexis takes the ice pick and let it run down over Justin's upper body. When he reaches Justin's stomach  Alexis jabs it into Justin's belly button.
Justin grunts back pain and blood seeping out through the tape. Alexis pulls the pick out again.

Justin Muttering something and Alexis guess he said something like "You promised that if I played along you would not hurt me"
Alexis smiles. Then he leans against Justin and whispering in his ear. "I lied" He Then Jabs the pick into Justins Chest 4 times. The last stab is to Justins heart. Alexis puts his ear to Justin's chest. Justin's heart beats one last time and Justin exhales. Alexis gets up and goes to the table. He puts the silencer on the gun. Then he goes over to Justin and puts the barrel on Justins forehead. Then He Pulls the trigger. It sends shockwaves through Justin's body.
and a drop of blood flowing from the small hole in Justin's forehead and down his nose and down on his chin. Alexis Then the starts to jerk off next to Justins body and before long he shoots his load all over Justins chest. Then Alexis leaves the room "Just in time for the buffet"


Shooting / Blake-Alexis
« on: February 10, 2016, 03:25:17 PM »
Alexis - Blake

Blake hates Alexis and have always wanted to get revenge. When they went to class together Blake had a crush on Alexis, but Alexis always made fun of Blake and said the ugliest thing to him when they were near each other.

One evening they meet each other on the street but Alexis do not even notice Blake. So Blake followes him home to his apartment. Blake waits outside and finds a window to the bathroom. Suddenly, the lights comes on and he sees Alexis getting ready to take a bath. Blake sees Alexis stripping down to his Boxers just before the steam from the hot water covers the window. Blake waits a bit before he goes back to the front door and enters the apartment. Here he waits in the living room till Alexis is finished taking a bath.

Alexis comes into the room only wearing his boxers. He sees Blake sitting on the sofa with a gun pointing at him. Blake asks him to come closer. Alexis Approaches while the fear stands out clearly across his face. Blake gets up and keeps the gun locked on Alexis.

Suddenly Alexis brother comes into the room and Blake reacts without thinking and firing a shot. The shot hits Alexis brother in the middle of the forehead and he dies Instently and falls to the floor next to Alexis. Blake looks frightened at the dead brother and although it was not meant to go down like this, he uses this to his advantage. "If you do not want to end up like your brother there, I suggest you do exactly as I say," says Blake as he points towards the dead brother on the floor.

Alexis now know that Blake is serious and nod as a sign that he understands. Blake asks him get up close and Alexis obey. Then Blake starts to touch Alexis upper body and soon after he starts to kiss and lick Alexis upper body while the gun still aimed at Alexis. "moan" orders Blake and Alexis starts moaning reluctantly.

Blake orders Alexis to take off the boxers and Alexis ends up naked. Blake gets Alexis on his knees and he asks Alexis to open his pants. Alexis opens Blakes pants and Reveals a big bugle in Blakes boxers. Then the Boxers comes off too and Blakes cock jumps out and nearly hits Alexis face.

"Suck my cock" Blake commands but Alexis hesitates and Blake presses the barrel of the gun against his temple and presses Alexis head closer to his cock.
Alexis reluctantly opens his mouth and closes  the lips around the head.  Then he starts to suck gently while his face is lit up by fear. It only takes a minute for  Blake to cum and he does it without warning.

Good boy" says Blake and pulls the trigger while the gun is still pointed at Alexis temple.  Alexis dies instently and collapses on the floor and ends up lying on his back next to his brother. Blake comes up close and  plants 3 shots  into Alexis chest to make sure that he is dead. Then he looks over at the brother and then fires 3 shots into the brothers chest just to be safe. 

Contests / New contest
« on: February 08, 2016, 08:30:20 AM »
I´ve been thinking about this for a while now  so here goes.
Is it possible to make a : Writer Of The Month ?
There's A lot of new topics here and it could be fun to see which stories/writers the fans likes the most

Hypnosis / Mind Control / Pireces/Drew
« on: February 06, 2016, 12:27:09 PM »
Pierce has hired Drew as a detective. He is there to help Pirece find out is his girlfriend is cheating on him. Drew invite Pirece home to tell him what his investigation has resulted in.

They sit in the living room. Drew sits down opposite Pirece and they begin to talk. Pirece suddenly becomes  very tired and exhausted. Pirece guesses that  Drew has put something in his water. He is trying to fight the urge to fall asleep but it does not help.

Drew gets up and sits next to Pirece. He opens Pireces eyelids and begins to chant. Shortly after he snaps his fingers and Pirece awakens. Drew test his hypnosis and it turns out that he has full control over Pirece.

Drew ordering him to undress so Pirece only left in Boxing Shorts. Drew gets up but forget completely that he has put his own water in her lap as it tumbles. "Look at that!" Drews shirt is soaked with water from the glass as he takes off his shirt and hang it to dry. Then he turns his attention to Pirece.

He orders Pirece to go into the next room and straps him to a wall. Drew takes a small vegetable knife and sticks it into Pireces stomach. Pirece gasps as the knife pierce his skin. Drew pulls the knife out again and puts it on the table next to them. Then Drew takes the Gun lying on the table and he put it against Pireces forehead.

Drew then slowly lets the gun slide down towards Pireces stomach. Drew stops when the barrel from the gun is on Pireces throat, then he lets it slide on. Drew stops again at Pireces sternum. The next stop is when the barrel is just besides the wound from the knife. Drew pushes the gun into the wound and Pirece roars in pain.

Drew removes the gun and step back. Then he shoots Pirece in one knee. Pirece roars pain but remains standing as he is strapped. Next shot sounds and this time hits Pirece in the shoulder. He roars again and the next shot got in his other shoulder.  Drew enjoys watching Pirece in pain and shoot again. This time he hits Pirece in the abdomen just above the wound from the knife. Pirece gasp again and this time he coughs up blood.

Drew points the gun at Pirece again and this time firing 4 shots. Drew laughs while the bullets make their way into Pireces chest. Pireces gasp again and his eyes blank.

 Drew fires a last shot which goes into the middle of Pireces forehead.
Pireces head falls forward. Dead

Drew leaves the room and sits down in front of the tv

Hypnosis / Mind Control / A bit different
« on: January 28, 2016, 08:10:34 PM »
This story is probably a little different. Here a scene which only has one of the best death actors. The rest is celebrities.
Hunter is the Main character, and he is a master of hypnosis.

Hunter is on holiday in Los Angeles. He sits on his balcony and enjoying the sun and a cold drink. He looks beyond the pool area. He laughs to himself when he sees a young man standing with his back to him and he can not stop laughing.
"I just thought that it was Bieber" But his laughter stops abruptly when the guy turns around and it turns out that to be Justin Bieber. He is so surprised that he spit his drink out over the balcony. He put the drink down and takes his camera out. He zooms in to be sure, and i really is Justin.

He puts on a sweater and go down in the reception. Here he asks the clerk to indicate which room Justin lives on. He is rejected with the message that she cant tell. Hunter looks at her and her eyes go blank. "Room 2021" she says. Hunter returns to his room. (When Hunter hypnotize people they remember nothing of what happened during hypnosis).

Hunter went out on the balcony again and after some time he sees Justin leave the pool and go over to the front desk. Hunter waits for 5 min. Then he leaves his room and goes up to room 2021. He takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. Shortly after the door opens. There is a confused Justin with wet hair. "Yes?" He said as his eyes scan the hall for the fans. Hunter makes eye contact with him and puts him under hypnosis. Justin's eyes turns blank.

"Hey Justin I am a friend and we have an agreement to meet," said Hunter and looked at Justin."We are friends and we planned to meet here "repeated Justin and stepped aside so Hunter could get in.

"Sorry but I had to wash my hair, the chlorine in the pool is not good for my hair color." Hunter smile and respond "That's fine. But i think you should take off your Shirt too" "

Justin obey and ends up standing in his black calvin klein boxers. "Kiss Me" says Hunter. They start kissing and Hunter grabs Justin bulge and feels it up. His other hand examine Justin's upper body carefully. When Hunter feels  Justin's bulge grows removes his hands and begins instead to kiss and lick Justin's upper body and biting gently on his nipples. Justin starts moaning. When Hunter reaches the edge of Justin's boxers Justins bulge has  grown to twice its size. Hunter strips naked and  reveal a Rock Hard cock.

He presses Justin knees with one hand on his shoulder. "Suck it" Hunter says. Justin Graps Hunters Cock and puts his  mouth around the head. Hunters body quiver and a long deep moans coming from his half open mouth it  long before he comes. Justin swallows it all. Hunter orders Justin to the bed where Hunter straps the Idol down on hand and foot.

Hunter removes Justin's Boxers and reveal Justin's hard cock as it slaps against Justin's abs. Hunter starts to suck Justin's Cock and Justin Moan loudly. 35 sec is all it takes for Justin to cum. He shoots his load all over his abs.

Hunter then grabs a knife from the kitchen and returns to Justin. Then Hunter releases Justin from the hypnosis and justin Looks at him. Then without warning Hunter stabs the knife into Justin's Chest 5 times. Justin Dies with his eyes wide open with fear. Hunter then leaves the room and goes to the pool to relax

Hypnosis / Mind Control / Hunters dream
« on: January 24, 2016, 06:02:56 PM »
Hunter is a master of hypnosis. but combined with his great sexual desires and his love for both violent movies and games makes him a dangerous and unpredictable opponent.

Hunter has always had a crush on Scrappy and Alixis from school.

One day he invited them home so they can do homework together. But they end up drinking instead. Before long Scrappy and Alixis are drunk. And Hunter exploit this to his advantage. He challenge them to a staring contest. But Hunter brings them under his control using hypnosis instead.

He gives them instructions to strip and they obey. "Yes it worked".  He takes his own clothes off and walks over to Alexis. He begins to touch Alexis torso and before long he started to kiss and lick Alexis torso. When Hunter reaches alexis stomach he discovers that Alexis has a boner.

"Seems like you like that" Hunter says. Hunter gets up and do exactly the same with Scrappy who react in the same way. All tree of them is now naked with a boner.

Hunter order Scrappy to his knees in front of Alexis and Scrappy obey. Scrappys head is now a few centimeters from Alexis cock. Scrappy is told to give Alexis a handjob and Scrappy obey. Alexis groans and leans his head back. It does not take long before Alexis shoots his load all over Scrappys chest.

Scrappy rises and Alexis starts licking Scrappy chest clean. Alexis continues to lick and soon he reach Scrappys stomach.
While on his knees He takes Scrappys cock in his mouth and start giving Scrappy a blowjob. Scrapy moans and ends up cumming.

Then Sscrappy and Alexis and ordered to kneel in front of Hunter and again they obey. then they start to suck Hunter's cock from each side. Hunter blast his load and leaves the scene for a minute . He returns with a machete. Then He orders them both to their feet. Both Scrappy and Alexis are still hard. Hunter then Raises the machete and chops off Scrappy's hard cock. Scrappy screams in pain and falls to his knees. Hunter then Stabs the machete through Scrappy´s chest. Scrappy dies and falls flat on the floor

Hunter goes behind Alexis and takes the machete to Alexis neck and cut his throat. then Hunter leaves the scene.

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