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Strangulation / A strangulation
« on: November 27, 2017, 01:44:01 PM »
Found dead… Story unknown.

Shooting / Means. Motive?
« on: November 27, 2017, 01:25:56 PM »
It surprises me sometimes how easy it is to kill and not get caught.

Take for example the death of Kim Masterson. He was a 17-year-old boy who was found dead on his bed with a bullet in his forehead. He did not have any known enemies, other teens his age who hated him. He was known as a nice kid who had along well at school. He was a bright student who was active in many different school activities. But somehow, someone thought he was worth the time and energy to kill. The police had found no leads at the site; his friends were shocked by his death. But Kim Masterson was dead. How he died was obvious. Why he died remained the question.The who will never be known.

« on: November 27, 2017, 12:51:23 PM »
Kobi Bjornson was a name that I was given when I asked for a rent boy in Stockholm. I was told that he would do almost anything for a price; I was also informed that he did not come cheap.I decided to take a chance was given. A pleasant voice answered the phone and I asked to speak to Kobi. Turned out that I was speaking to Kobi. It just took a few moments and he informed me of the price and we set the time.

When he showed up, I was not disappointed. At $400 an hour, he agreed to do almost anything that I wanted – and I wanted a lot!

So we began. We sucked and fucked for a couple of hours. He seemed to have enjoyed it all; I certainly did. But I wanted something more.

He came out of the bedroom after showering and I asked him to lay down on the couch. I had already taken several pictures of Kobi when he had first arrived. I asked him if he would simply pose for a few more pictures. "It's your money after all;" he said. I got my camera out and ask him to stretch out with his arms over the arm of the couch. He was very compliant. I reached back into my camera bag and took out my .25 caliber silenced pistol. I turned back and put a bullet in his forehead. . .  I thought it rather strange that his eyes were still open after the bullet pierced his head, his body never moved. Kobi just lay there; unmoving, blue eyes bright. His body didn't twitch or spasm or slump. He just died… He was silent!

It was fortunate that this is not the first time I needed to clean up after myself. Fortunately I had friends in Stockholm who handled my kills. When I called, they said they'd be here in hour. "Good;" I thought to myself. It could be another hour to fuck Kobi again.

Shooting / Fatal Revenge
« on: November 24, 2017, 05:36:23 PM »
It's always difficult to find out the truth about some you care about. 19 year old  Rex Smalson was a liar, a thief and a coward. He had lied to me about his situation;  all of which turned out to be totally fictitious. He wasn't in college--he was a drug addict and hustler who would regularly use guys like me, generous older men, with whom he would have sex and then steal from them. My credit card was missing and $5000.00 later I discovered it was Rex who had run up the bill. When I finally found him again, he was in bed with another guy with whom he had just had sex. When I quietly broke into the apartment. I was carrying a .38 caliber silenced pistol. I opened the bedroom door with the gun in hand. Rex saw me first and then the pistol. He tried to get up saying:" Please . . . don't." I aimed the gun and pulled the trigger. His big cock was still wet from cum . . . the bullet penetrated his chest. I fired again and a bullet pierced his skull. He fell back to the bed. The other man didn't stir; obviously sleeping off the drugs from the night before. I turned and left as I had come. It was the next day before I read about Rex's murder. When the other guy had come to finally, he had called the police. They had no leads. The other guy heard nothing and saw nothing. He, too, had learned a lesson.

« on: November 05, 2017, 06:05:43 PM »
What happens when delinquency gets out of hand . . .

Shooting / MURDER HE WROTE: Murdering Beau Hartley
« on: November 05, 2017, 05:43:14 PM »
I met Beau Hartley at "Mirrors"--a local gay bar in Olympia. He was a freshly minted graduate of UW – Seattle. He managed to land a job working for an IT company in Olympia that specialized in creating programs for the Washington state house. He was 22, blonde and blue-eyed, 5'10", 150 lbs; he was a very handsome young gay guy who especially liked one night stands with virtual strangers.

It was around 1 AM when I asked the bartender to send him another of whatever he was drinking. When the drink arrived the  bartender told would it was from; he looked on the bar, picked up his drink and came to sit next to me. We chatted for a while before he got around to invite me back to his place for a drink. We headed out the door and walked two blocks to his downtown apartment. He poured us both a couple of double Bourbons  before excusing himself to take a piss.

I seized the moment  to spike his drink with a good dose of the knock drug I pulled from my jeans pocket; I knew that rohypnol causes muscle relaxation, unconsciousness, and amnesia. Given in small amounts the victim feel hypnotized or paralyzed I wanted Beau paralyzed when he came to.

He returned shortly and sat next to me on the couch. We both picked up our drinks; but will finished about half of his and I merely sipped a bit. We talked to more before I noticed that he was beginning to slurred his speech. I raised my glass and toasted him; he slammed the rest of his bourbon down. It didn't take long before the drug took affect. He passed out on the couch; I picked him up and walked him into the bedroom, laying his unconscious body on his bed.

I left his apartment and walked down to my car; retrieving my back pack from the trunk; I was going to need a few things to finish what I intended. When I got back to his apartment Beau was semi unconscious. I
ripped his t-shirt off and turned him face down, pulling his arms behind his back and I tied his wrists tightly, wrapping a rope around his upper arms and chest a couple of times to make sure he was somewhat immobile.

I turned him on his back; a few moments later he was conscious but quite paralyzed by the drug I put into his drink. I kissed his lips and rubbed my hand up-and-down his well-muscled torso; pinching his nipples and fingering his navel. I sat up and reached down to the waist band of his jeans to loosen the metal button and pull down the zipper. I stood over him and pulled his jeans down his hips. He was sporting a hard on and lay there motionless while I bent over and sucked his cock. I could taste the pre-cum that he ejaculated and I knew he was about ready to shoot his load. His cock throbbed spontaneously when I reached into my back pack, pulling out my pistol I fired a single bullet into Beau's forehead. His paralyzed body jerked slightly but didn't really move--hiss eyes stayed open. I stared down at him for a few minutes. I could feel my own cock get hard quickly and I began to cum spontaneously. I was breathless when I finished cuming. My pistol was still in my hand; I put it in my back pack and pulled out the 6" long ice pick and placed it's point over Beau's chest. I pushed the pick into Beau's heart; a small rivulet of blood flowed from the wound on to his chest when I pulled it out.

I dropped the ice pick into my pack. I leaned over Beau one last time and kissed him on the lips. I left his apartment leaving his dead body to be found a few days later.

Cowboys / Re: Where is this from?
« on: July 14, 2017, 05:57:51 PM »
It looks familiar . . . it may be from an old web site--"FINS AND FEATHERS"--not sure though.

Strangulation / Re: Teen strangled with his own shoelaces
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:08:08 AM »
The photo attachment for this posting can't be found; was it deleted?

Strangulation / Re: Choke Toy #3
« on: February 07, 2017, 05:06:43 PM »
Liked the pic you attached -- I should write a story about this one. The kid looks pretty helpless to have defended himself very well. Good posting. Any others in the offing . . . ?

Stabbing / MURDER HE WROTE-The Young German Soldier
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:58:19 PM »
MURDER HE WROTE-The Young German Soldier

Dieter was a 19-year-old kid fighting to maintain the last of the Third Reich. He was a slender young man who believed that he was giving his life in service to a cause that he didn't really believe in.

When he was captured, he offered little resistance to the Allied forces of the American army. He knew that he would probably be interrogated and eventually executed. He didn't realize however how painful that interrogation would be or how he would be executed – he simply knew that he was going to lose his life.

Dieter had been strapped to a wall with leather cuffs and beaten rather severely. When he had finally told everything that he knew, he was promised that if he could get his cock hard and jerk off till he had spewed spunk all over his belly that he would be taken back to his cell and eventually moved to an Allied POW camp and held to the hostilities were over. What he did not know however, was that he would be tortured and executed.

Dieter was beaten and lay sprawled on the floor of the interrogation cell; he was told that he had to jerk himself off if he expected a release from the interrogation. Dieter did as he was told; he stroked his cock until it was hard and jerked off. He finally came and then slumped to the floor. His cum was all over his belly and he ran his fingers through it hoping to please his interrogator. His interrogator was well pleased!

Dieter didn't see his interrogator pickup a bayonet. As he sat on the floor running his fingers through his own cum, he didn't notice his interrogator approaching. His interrogator suddenly grabbed him by the hair and stabbed Dieter three times in the belly. The stabbing happened very quickly; Dieter didn't really realize what happened; he only felt the three piercing wounds in his belly as he sat there. He was bleeding. He groaned as the bayonet pierced his stomach; his hands fell away.

Dieter never closed his eyes as the rivulets of blood flowed down his belly. He didn't say a word as his life slipped away. The 19-year-old could taste blood in his mouth – Dieter knew his execution wasn't quite over.

Dieter was still alive, barely, as his interrogator grabbed him under the arms and through his body across a table in the interrogation cell. Dieter was conscious enough to feel his interrogator's hard cock penetrate his his anus; he felt the pain as a hard cock was forced into his bunghole. He offered no resistance; it was over in a few moments. With his interrogators cum dripping from his ass, his body was shoved off the table, he landed face up. All Dieter could feel was the pain in his gut and the cum dripping down his ass cheeks.

It took several more moments, laying on his back, blood running down his belly that 19-year-old Dieter Holtz died in that interrogation cell. His blood mixing with his own cum; his interrogator satisfied. Dieter's corpse ended up on a pile of other young German soldiers bodies and burned.

Shooting / MURDER HE WROTE-A Bullet to the Head
« on: January 18, 2017, 05:04:12 PM »
MURDER HE WROTE-A Bullet to the Head

Todd Bartlett had just entered his parents backyard; he spent the day with friends of his at Fire Island and was feeling a bit woozy – marijuana topped off with a few beers will do that to you. It was late afternoon and he was just looking for an opportunity to get a little sleep before going out with his friends that evening.

He was just 21 years old and had spent the summer working at his father's auto repair shop. Todd was a rather well built and handsome young man; and even though he spent hours at the beach he really hadn't gotten much of a tan; but the summer was still young.He never realized that he'd ever be the victim of an assassin. He spent that summer fucking around; working in his dad's job and partying whenever he had the opportunity. It was his fucking around however that would cost him his life.

He opened the gate in the back fence of his parents home; heading inside to take a shower, a nap in preparation for his night out. He was thinking about the blonde blue-eyed young kid that he had seduced the night before and that he was hoping to meet up again with at the gay bar he frequented. He didn't know that the young, blonde, blue-eyed kid he had hooked up with the night before had a lover.

He never felt the 38 caliber slug pierce his forehead; he died the moment the bullet cut through his brain. He fell backward onto the grass – rivulets of blood flowed down his forehead.His blue shirt opened exposing his chest and belly. Handsome, 21-year-old Todd Bartlett lay dead in the grass. Fucking around has a price; Todd Bartlett paid it's price.

Actors / Re: KTs Cute Victim
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:53:30 PM »
This young actor has been around for a while and appeared in some of BD's earlier digital downloads. Good to see him back again. He is obviously a bit older and has filled out a bit but nonetheless is as attractive as he was in earlier productions. He seems to have started when he was in his late teens.I'm including a few photos from some of his earlier work. BD never named him per se; he often appeared simply listed as "young actor" – he did a series earlier where he appeared as a "gladiator" and in another place appears as a "young thug." He and another "sweet thing" gets all shot up in a Mafia revenge download – machine-gunned to death while tied to a bed; it was a pretty hot scene.


« on: January 07, 2017, 03:44:38 PM »
Several months ago, one of the members of this forum posted a couple of pics from what certainly appears to be a BD video clip regarding the young actor playing the role of victim in the clip.
Since I have the time and a rather large collection of BD material; I've reviewed most of my collection of the digital downloads and DVDs I own.  I cannot find it.  This scene eludes me.  The young victim is certainly a very attractive and very handsome young guy, but I simply cannot find this clip anywhere.  I've also gone through the entirety of the BD catalog online and cannot find it there either.

So I'm going to repost the question again: does anyone have a clue as to when this clip was published and who the young actor might be.  Perhaps some of the moderators of the forum might be able to remember this clip; even, perhaps offer it as a new download for the forums members and for general public consumption.

Help please!

Off-Topic / Re: Your Death Wardrobe
« on: January 07, 2017, 03:21:14 PM »
Lordtrayus, it is a most interesting question that you ask regarding death wardrobes.

AS A VICTIM, I would prefer to be wearing a bathrobe and underwear or towel beneath it.  But in some scenarios, I would also like to be clothed .  Thanks for asking.  — Engage my imagination In a T-shirt with shorts with flip-flops on my feet.  So much however depends upon the scene that I'm trying to live out in my fantasy.  For example, if I was doing a classical Greek or Roman scene, I would prefer to be wearing a tunic with no underwear; sandals always are nice touch.  If however I were doing a more modern, businesslike scene, I would prefer to be wearing a well fitted longsleeved shirt in gray flannel slacks with a blazer to match.  In these kinds of scenes.  I would also prefer to be wearing a loafer – style of shoe with over the calf stockings.  It all simply depends upon the kind of attire appropriate for the scene that I envisioned in my head.  Though my admitted preference is for the first option I mentioned: a bathrobe with underwear and or towel beneath it; barefoot, of course!

AS THE ASSASSIN/KILLER: I would prefer to be clothed with the style of clothing that was featured often in the Star Trek series.  Black trainers with loosefitting pants – well fitted, of course and turtleneck – all in black.  I would want clothing that I could get in and out of easily; a lot will depend upon what I intended to do to the victim, both before, during and after the murder.  But again, the wardrobe would depend upon the scene — the scenario really determines – at least in my mind — the kind of clothing that I would prefer to wear.

A vivid imagination is a necessary prerequisite for stimulating fantasy role-playing!  I'm a great fan of Vuffer Hansen's creative and very imaginative 3-D artwork; I rather like how he handles the wardrobe question.

Thanks for the question.  It was kind of nice to simply sit for a bit and think about the kind of scenes that if I were the actor, either victim or assailant, how I would prefer to be clothed

Stabbing / Re: Easy in, but... (part 10)
« on: January 02, 2017, 03:17:04 PM »
Now, that's a heck of a way to start the new year off--a good old fashioned belly stabbing!!! with Alexis no less! I've wanted to do the same thing to a few BD actors in my time. Great work as always Kid.

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