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Kid Bronco

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« on: October 23, 2017, 10:08:29 PM »
There's no bounty on this one, but at least Bronco gets his horse, gun and leather gear.

Having decided to watch the kid's final death frenzy from horseback, Bronco realizes that he's getting horny again. That's partly because he keeps rocking forward and back in the saddle, causing his nuts to get worked around against the base of the saddle horn.

Finally dead, Bronco continues to feel his manhood stiffen as he pulls off the kid's heavy boots. Then, off come his leather jeans. Ah, that's a nice surprise... the kid shot a massive cum-load all down the inside right leg of the leather jeans. The odor of leather and cum is intense. Can't let that go to waste. Bronco swings a leg back over the saddle with his kill's leather jeans in one hand. He scoops out a handful of the warm, slippery fluid into the palm of his tight-fitting leather glove on his right hand. Pulling out his stiff rod, he starts stroking it with the kid's death-load. Damn, best lube there is. He even dabs a little of it on his upper lip so that he can smell the spunky aroma and also let the tip of his tongue get a little stimulation.

It doesn't take long. With gasps of pleasure, Bronco shoots repeated squirts of jizz several inches into the air before it splashes down onto saddle and chap leather.


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