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Franco Franco, former legendary striker of Chelsea Blue, has praised Antonio Conte, a tactical coach who will continue to play next season. Antonio Conte, the Chelsea manager. His first season in office was excellent. Can win the Premier League. League, but faced more difficulties this season. They have a bad relationship with the board after expressing disappointment in the transaction. Now the team is at risk of missing a ticket to the UEFA Champions League and the European Cup after the defeat of Barcelona, ??so now there is a rumor that he will leave the club at the end of this season for a year. Before his contract expires. But he also looked at him as the best man to move the club forward. "It can be said that Antonio. Contest is not happy. He is the winner and that is how he is. "" I think he's fit for Chelsea. He is one of the best coaches and because I want the best for Chelsea. "" So I hope he stays with the team. It's a bit of a problem, but hopefully they can handle it, "Sun said.