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Liverpool midfielder Emmanuel said he would like to play for the Giants next season. Do not argue that any league, Juventus expressed serious attitude to strengthen the army. The striker left his contract at Anfield until the end of the season. I also believe that the time to decide what to do with the future. There are many clubs that want him to be serious Juventus. "I have the confidence to say that I am capable enough to play in the big clubs," he said. Next season "when asked whether he is interested in returning to play in Germany or not. He replied," Of course Bundesliga interest me already. Why not? Even though I may have to tell the truth, it has fallen over the last year. "" The Premier League is paying more to the players than the Bundesliga. This is important for the players, "he added, adding that being a" key part of the team "and staying with a club with" championship chances "would be a key factor in the decision. "That's what every footballer dreams of. It's a reward for work. "" I was doing well in England. The Spanish league itself is attractive. Like Germany, which focuses on the tag. And the club from Italy was interesting in the latter. It's like France. The league is now building itself as one of Europe's best leagues. "" So I do not want to cut. I do not know what I would do after summer, "he said.sbobet777