Author Topic: DEPRAVITY . . . a little bit of everything  (Read 1925 times)


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DEPRAVITY . . . a little bit of everything
« on: October 02, 2014, 07:49:07 PM »
I would highly recommend BD's clients to review the DVD offerings . . . They are a clearing house for a number of sources and their movies. If you haven't seen "DEPRAVITY" from DEAD GUYS CINEMA, I'd recommend it to you. One young college kid, tormented over a long weekend . . . it features all that your little ol' hearts could want to view. ANTHONY is the kid's name; he is chloroformed, strangled, suffocated, drowned, stripped naked and finally stabbed to death . . . though the stabbing is done in near darkness without much play regarding the blood. Nonetheless, a good  view of some of folks favorite fantasies. I believe it was part of the MASKED STRANGLER series and well worth the viewing. One scene feature Anthony strangled with a telephone cord, he has a hardon after phone sex with his girl friend and is rendered helpless. Buy it! Well worth price, especially when BD has a sale!
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Re: DEPRAVITY . . . a little bit of everything
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2014, 12:35:55 AM »
Yeap, DEPRAVITY is a great DVD.

I has great and classical scenes, and the way to tell the story is awesome and original.

And I'm not completely sure about this, but I think is where the Masked Strangler was first created; if not it does tell a good story about the origins of the Masked Strangler.