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time, Tesla Chinese micro-channel sources, Tesla is currently training a large number of third-party electrician team to provide paid professional home charging installation YBY Boxes offers cheap boxes for each user Tesla. Expected this summer, Tesla will gradually set up YBY Boxes offers cheap boxes centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Los Angeles and Chengdu, and gradually to customer’s nationwide delivery of the vehicle. In addition to the private home charging facilities, Tesla also actively exploring cardboard boxes parking charging mode of cooperation. Meanwhile, the construction of US's major cities in between super charging station network is also planned. Chinese Tesla will be delivered this month the personalized boxes show, Tesla is accelerating the pace appeared in US. According to Bloomberg News, Tesla Motors plans to begin selling this month of its luxury cars in US, and said the YBY Boxes co-founder Musk will come to US, personally took. Earlier, Musk has said that US could become Tesla's largest market, sales in US as early as next year tied the US market. Subject to multiple news, Tesla stocks pulled YBY Boxes offer custom printing with logo wholesale boxes with free shipping Straight yesterday afternoon. At the close, the National Machine car limit, all-electronic, Jiri technology rose more than 7 percent, universal money flows, Changzhou Mingus, Advanced Technology and other gainers. Guitar Jinan Securities chief customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes adviser network Zhao Human Finance Ministry believes that Tesla charging YBY Boxes offers cheap boxes plan showing the mainland Chinese YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US is very optimistic about the company. In the secondary market, the personalized boxes listed YBY Boxes or electric car charging ancillary equipment will benefit, YBY Boxes manufactures low cost boxes can continue to focus on post-related stocks. Chan, vice president visits New York City Free-Trade Zone Yesterday, sources in the micro-Bo broke the personalized boxes that Tesla vice president of global am visiting New York City Free-Trade Zone, and at 11:00 and New York City FTA leaders met. These rumors has not yet been confirmed, but according to earlier media reports, the New York City municipal government had by the end of March symposium held Tesla New York City project, Tesla's Special Envoy, the relevant person in charge of New York City FTA was attending. Tesla intends to register a