Author Topic: Asphyxiate a bi-curious guy for a year  (Read 421 times)


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Asphyxiate a bi-curious guy for a year
« on: August 25, 2018, 11:30:11 PM »

Hello I'm a 33 year old bi-curious male with a slim build who enjoys being strangled and smothered in various ways ever since a kid.

First experience was when I was around 7 a friend around my age invited me over for video games. While we were both on his bed he begged me to let him strangle me with the video game cord and I immediately said NO thinking it was an insane idea. After begging me to let him do it I said yes so he would just do it and quit begging.

I was a little nervous at first as he wrapped the cord around my neck and slowly pulled tighter and tighter. I was surprised to find myself enjoying a nice high feeling and relaxation that followed. Been hooked ever since and throughout the years I eventually came across friends and different people who enjoyed strangling and smothering me in various ways.

For the last 12 years I lived with an older guy who would choke and smother me about 2 times a week on average. He unfortunately passed late March from congestive heart failure he has been suffering from his whole life. In his family it's a genetic heart problem that's passed down in which the males do not live long. I thank God for blessing me with his friendship.

During the last 12 years I've learned a bit of computer programming and in the process of building innovative software which will be worth a small fortune at the very least upon completion which should take less than 10 months.

I'm currently searching for someone to live with who is willing to choke and smother me every now and then in exchange for a small fortune after I complete my first project. Male or female or both I do not care as I don't judge by age, gender, race, religion, or looks.

I love the feeling of someone on top of me sitting or laying on my bulge while choking and smothering me with a pillow while I'm in my briefs. Especially love the feeling of creaming in my briefs while being suffocated and/or strangled. I don't do drugs but don't care if others do. I especially can't do drugs while programming but I thoroughly enjoy getting high from someone's hands around my neck every now and then. I've been choked with hands, neck ties, bags, towels, cords, belts, etc. As far as my durability I've been choked out well over 200 times and still have extensively growing knowledge with computer programming so I'm still good to go :-)

If you don't mind strangling and smothering someone every now and then for pleasure or punishment with the added bonus of receiving a small fortune in about a year please feel free to hit me up about living at your place for a while. My main concern is having a corner where I can setup a desk so I can continue my work so I really don't care if I have my own room or not although I wouldn't mind having a room to myself.

I'm bi-curious and not interested in sucking dick or fucking however I don't mind being touched or even simply jerked off if the other person was in the mood to do so. As far as my personality go I'd prefer just to be seen as a smart person with allot of intelligence in the technology field although most would see me as a nerd lol but hey Bill Gates is a nerd also.

My current financial state is low as I only receive $500 monthly from being unemployed and all. Also I have no savings at all. I'm basically building programming projects which will be worth allot upon completion so I can become wealthy and share that wealth with anyone willing to do these simple things for me assuming one wouldn't mind having someone living in their home whom they could strangle or suffocate pretty much anytime they are in the mood to do so. If you need rent you could take $400 or even the full $500 if you wish as I have food stamps also.

If I'm someone you wouldn't mind having around for a while I'm 100% seriously searching. Thanks for taking the time to read about my desires and what I have to offer.


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Re: Asphyxiate a bi-curious guy for a year
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2018, 03:02:47 AM »
This may sound difficult!  novel updates