Author Topic: Double hanging (part 4)  (Read 507 times)

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Double hanging (part 4)
« on: November 17, 2017, 12:06:52 AM »
It's so much fun to watch the expression on a kid's face during and after the drop. First, the wide-eyed, open mouth look of surprise and terror. That expression might stay frozen there for a few seconds or longer. We may get to hear some odd croaking sounds since his natural instinct will make the fucker try to suck in some air. But then his face will relax. No, hopefully he's not quite dead yet. There will be that blank stare... the kind of stare where it looks like his eyes are looking at you wherever you might be in the crowd of spectators. Then, the eyes roll up in their sockets. Maybe the kid's tongue protrudes somewhat. Fuck yeah, sexy as hell. Slobber foams and drips from the corner of his mouth.