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Fatal Revenge
« on: November 24, 2017, 05:36:23 PM »
It's always difficult to find out the truth about some you care about. 19 year old  Rex Smalson was a liar, a thief and a coward. He had lied to me about his situation;  all of which turned out to be totally fictitious. He wasn't in college--he was a drug addict and hustler who would regularly use guys like me, generous older men, with whom he would have sex and then steal from them. My credit card was missing and $5000.00 later I discovered it was Rex who had run up the bill. When I finally found him again, he was in bed with another guy with whom he had just had sex. When I quietly broke into the apartment. I was carrying a .38 caliber silenced pistol. I opened the bedroom door with the gun in hand. Rex saw me first and then the pistol. He tried to get up saying:" Please . . . don't." I aimed the gun and pulled the trigger. His big cock was still wet from cum . . . the bullet penetrated his chest. I fired again and a bullet pierced his skull. He fell back to the bed. The other man didn't stir; obviously sleeping off the drugs from the night before. I turned and left as I had come. It was the next day before I read about Rex's murder. When the other guy had come to finally, he had called the police. They had no leads. The other guy heard nothing and saw nothing. He, too, had learned a lesson.

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Re: Fatal Revenge
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Thank you, pakman. Your story and the photos were a fine match.