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Kobi Bjornson was a name that I was given when I asked for a rent boy in Stockholm. I was told that he would do almost anything for a price; I was also informed that he did not come cheap.I decided to take a chance was given. A pleasant voice answered the phone and I asked to speak to Kobi. Turned out that I was speaking to Kobi. It just took a few moments and he informed me of the price and we set the time.

When he showed up, I was not disappointed. At $400 an hour, he agreed to do almost anything that I wanted – and I wanted a lot!

So we began. We sucked and fucked for a couple of hours. He seemed to have enjoyed it all; I certainly did. But I wanted something more.

He came out of the bedroom after showering and I asked him to lay down on the couch. I had already taken several pictures of Kobi when he had first arrived. I asked him if he would simply pose for a few more pictures. "It's your money after all;" he said. I got my camera out and ask him to stretch out with his arms over the arm of the couch. He was very compliant. I reached back into my camera bag and took out my .25 caliber silenced pistol. I turned back and put a bullet in his forehead. . .  I thought it rather strange that his eyes were still open after the bullet pierced his head, his body never moved. Kobi just lay there; unmoving, blue eyes bright. His body didn't twitch or spasm or slump. He just died… He was silent!

It was fortunate that this is not the first time I needed to clean up after myself. Fortunately I had friends in Stockholm who handled my kills. When I called, they said they'd be here in hour. "Good;" I thought to myself. It could be another hour to fuck Kobi again.
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