Author Topic: Scenes from LAST OF THE SPUR GANG (part 1)  (Read 783 times)

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Scenes from LAST OF THE SPUR GANG (part 1)
« on: December 01, 2017, 12:30:00 AM »
First off, the relatively poor quality of these freeze-frames does not represent the much better quality of the video. The scenes were done in a somewhat dark room and it's always a problem photographing black leather when it includes a face that's of fair complexion. Still, in the video, Best Deaths did a pretty good job of striking a balance. However, the freeze frames had to be lightened up a lot and that caused them to look grainy.

Anyway, this was originally done as a custom for me several years ago and I was (still am ) very happy with the result. Of course that's partly because it included some of the things that I find especially erotic. And great acting by sadistic hired killer and his young, innocent-looking victim.   

Here, I've omitted the opening scene where the kid is captured, knocked unconscious. He awakens and finds that his hands have been bound together and that he's wearing the leather gear recently worn by another member of the gang who had been shot by the hired killer. He's taunted by his captor who's probably aware that the kid joined up with the gang just to get his hands on some leather. "How's it feel wearing a dead man's leather? Bet that's why ya joined the Spur Gang, ain't it?

No, this won't be a quick and humane execution. He needs to be made an example of. And he'll do just fine because he's the youngest. It also gives our sadistic killer time to tease, frighten and torment his young victim. Hell yes. The huge bullet hole in the leather shirt he's wearing was put there by the hired killer who blew the cowboy's guts out as he tried to get away on his horse. And then there's that obscenely big hunting knife. Eleven-inches of cold, hard steel. We see the look of fear and anguish on the kid's face as the executioner describes how he used the knife on another skinny kid just like him. Shoved the blade up under his sternum. Fuck yeah. Right up into his heart. Blood started squirting out and the kid was dead in less than five-seconds. Ah, but yer not gonna die that fast... want ya to feel what it's like when it's shoved in nice and low... with all the twisting and turning, how it slices ya up inside.

As frightening as this must have been for the kid to listen to, I also like to think that it must have been pretty exciting as well. Remember that the kid has never worn leather before and we know he secretly likes how it feels against his bare skin. And the odor of the leather, too. Oh yeah, whether he wanted to or not, bet he had one helluva a hard-on by that point. That noose snugged around his neck probably had 'em turned on as well. Sure, for whatever reason, that constriction around the neck usually causes a cowboy's cock to stiffen.

And finally the blade is shoved in. It's shoved in HARD and all the way. FUCK. The kid's mouth and eyes open wide and at the same time the box that he's been standing on is kicked out from under him. All hell breaks loose. Of course I like to think that it made him instantly start shooting his thick load. Hell yes. Squirt, squirt, squirt... there's now a warm, sticky mess coating leather and skin all the way down to his right knee. And as he pedals air with those heavy boots he'e wearing, it makes 'em cum even more.