Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 78 (part 6)  (Read 428 times)

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Bronco and his boys knew that those low shots would be fatal. It was just a question of time, depending on how long it would take for 'em to bleed-out internally. "I'd say we dropped the fucker about ten-minutes ago," announced Bronco after the kid finally rolled over onto his belly and foamy saliva, followed by blood, was seen bubbling out of his mouth. But during that ten minutes, what a show he put on for the gang.

The cocky ex-gang member had dismounted to take a break. He looked down at the heavy, tight-fitting chaps he had helped himself to just as he slipped away a few hours earlier. Damn, they felt good. They were cinched up real tight as was the gun belt he was wearing. The eighteen year-old was obviously well-hung and his manhood caused his denim jeans to bulge out obscenely from the opening in the chaps.

The three Spur Gang members who had coordinated their shots so as to strike the kid at the same time were far enough away to insure that the slugs wouldn't exit. From prior experience they knew that mushroomed hunks of lead in a kid's belly and groin must feel pretty good, or at least that's how it always appeared because of the way they would thrash around and keep slapping at their chaps where the bullet hole was. This one didn't disappoint. The violent impact from the three heavy slugs dropped the kid immediately, but he kept trying to get up. They always do. That adds to the fun... seeing all the dust they kick up as they thrash around.

All that remained to be done was to strip the kid of his boots, chaps and gun rig. Of course the chaps and gun belt would each have a bullet hole in them, but that was fine so far as Bronco was concerned. He would intentionally leave a little blood smeared on the leather where the holes were and wear the gear to the saloon tonight. A reminder to others who might want to join his gang... there's only one way you leave the gang once you join.