Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 78 (part 2)  (Read 583 times)

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Sure, any one of the gang members could easily drop the kid with one shot. But all three of the gathered gang members were itching for a chance to use the new ammunition and none of them had had a kill for several days. They also wanted to make the kid suffer since he had stolen both money and leather gear from them.

They were all carrying their big buffalo rifles with telescopic sights and were on the rim of the canyon they had seen the runaway enter at its mouth. Sure enough, after a short while they spotted 'em. It was warm down there in the canyon and the kid had dismounted in order to take a break and remove his shirt. A perfect target.

Having seen many cowboys die from bullet wounds, Bronco and his two companions knew that they needed to keep their shots low. They wanted 'em to die a slow, agonizing death. Still, they had no objection to allowing the kid to experience a little pleasure in the process.They knew that for whatever reason, cowboys who took a slug in the groin or through a low-slung gun belt often-times shot their load as they died. Seemed odd, but there was  something about the way a heavy hunk of lead feels when buried deep in those areas that triggers a response. In spite of the excruciating pain, the kid's cock would stiffen and he'd cum whether he wanted to or not. Oh, but he'd die all the same. It would just take a few minutes. The rifle slugs would do massive internal damage and the kid would feel himself getting weaker as he bled-out.

Bronco assigns each of his companions a "hit" spot. "You boys will get to punch some holes in that nice leather he's wearing and I'll give 'em a new bellybutton. They take aim.