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« on: November 14, 2014, 05:53:01 PM »
Previus moment before the dead massage..... the rest you know...
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Re: Pic6
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Lord, it had been a hard week. Tyler was really looking forward to his Friday evening massage. It was one of the few luxuries that he indulged in; he knew that he needed to be somewhat abstemious and his self-indulgence. It left the office at 530 and arrived at the spot a little bit before six. He quickly divested himself of this shirt and tie his slacks and shoes and put them all in the locker. He thought momentarily about stripping his underwear off; he thought better of it. His masseuse was a really handsome guy with great hands and firm grip. He laid back on the table and waited for the masseuse to arrive. He really needed this massage, the tension in the office about completing the contracts had really made intense all week. He needed simply to relax; this Friday evening massage was a prelude to the weekend that he had planned with his boyfriend. He knew that Tom was at home waiting form and he had wanted very much to be as loose as possible, tension free, when he finally got home that night. They had a dinner planned; along leisurely outing at one of Chicago's best restaurants. He was really looking forward to it all because he knew would be there for him back at his apartment. He really loved the opportunity to spend long, languid lulls on Saturday and Sunday from his fast-paced job of completing the details of major construction contracts.

So he laid there waiting for a while; he heard his mail masseuse say goodbye to a previous client and knew that he would be in soon. Tyler turned over on his belly making sure that the towel was still spread over his loins and simply lay there waiting.

Jack came in a few minutes later, greetig Tyler with a few calm words send as he always did have a few moments subject began spreading the lavender oil on titers back and began to caress totters neck and shoulders and back muscles as he always did. Tyler lay there with his eyes open listening to the soft music that always accompanied his Friday massage; he didn't really realize what Jack had planned to end the session with.
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Re: Pic6
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....that always accompanied his Friday massage; he didn't really realize what Jack had planned to end the session with.

This seems to be not ready. Wonder how the session ended?


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