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MALE-X: Death By Drowning
« on: September 30, 2015, 06:51:26 PM »
Revenge can be so sweet, don't you think? When Brett decided to be unfaithful to his lover; his lover decided that he had had enough of Brett. If it had been the first time his lover might have understood. Even the second time that Brett had screwed around with someone else, his lover understood. But when Brett decided to "go for" his lover's younger brother, enough was enough. That's when I usually get a call . . .
My professional name is MALE-X and I specialize in handling other people's personal personnel problems. Fortunately I made a very lucrative living; when people are desperate enough to eliminate a problem, cost is rarely an issue. A phone call or an email was often all that it took for me to establish contact. A brief description of the problem, a photograph of the person to be eliminated and cash up front was enough of a contract to employ my services. The place, the time and the methodology were up to me. Though as a courtesy, I made sure that the contractor would have a solid alibi when the "event" occurred.
I've been doing this "work" for a while now; I have to admit I rather enjoy it. Brett was not my first nor would he be my last.

It took me about a week to plan how I was going to get rid of his unfaithful lover. He was only 21 and since high school had not really been able to find anything other than manual labor jobs in a small town in which they lived. I usually studied my victims for a while; I would know pretty much everything there was to know about their routines.
It was a Friday night around 10 PM and after a few beers, Brett was as horny as hell. He decided that since his lover was out of town on business, he needed to find a little "entertainment." Brett had gone upstairs to clean up, preparing to go out. I slipped into the house through the unlocked French doors off the patio. I quietly slipped into the garage where Brett's car was parked and prepared the chloroformed soaked cloth that I would used to subdue him. Sometimes the situations are entirely too predictable. . .
When Brett came to he was on his back stripped to the waist without any shoes. He struggled to his feet shivering; it was after all an autumn night. He was still quite drowsy shook his head to try to clear away the dullness of his vision. He recognized that he was on a bridge out in the forests somewhere he didn't recognize. He didn't hear me approach. He reached up to touch his neck and recognized the feel of the rope around his neck. I picked up the pile of concrete blocks nearby and threw them over the rail of the bridge. Brett was nearly pulled off his feet as the hundred pounds of concrete settled at the length of the rope over the water's edge. He was only 5'8" and maybe 165 pounds. He realized he had a decision to make; to continue to hold onto the bridge rail try to free himself from the hundred pounds of concrete suspended by the rope that was quickly tightening itself around his throat. His whole body shook as he struggled to choose. He let go of the rail and tried to grab the rope. "Bad choice, Brett!" I thought. The weight pulled him off his feet and his whole body slipped over the rail. . .
The authorities found his body a day or so later.
Brett's lover of course was appropriately "shocked" to hear the news. 21-year-old Brett Thomas had taken his own life.
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Hot story and excellent photo there, pakman.