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I came home that Wednesday evening and immediately checked my secure encrypted server for any new emails. Only one tonight; the message filled me in on the details and included a photograph of the young man that was to be "eliminated." There was, however, a date and time specification. It wasn't the usual way I did business but every now and then my "clients" needed a thing to happen as soon as possible. My clients rarely cared about my methodology but occasionally when they asked for "special consideration," I would usually try to accommodate — for a price of course.

My name is MALE-X and I am a "problem-solver" for people who have a personal, personnel problem. In this case it was a young man by the name of Kurt Weill; a 23-year-old drug dealer who had been holding out paying his drug supplier. My client needed to make an example of him to send a message to his other customers. In cases like these, I really didn't mind being the "messenger."

That Saturday night Kurt had come home a bit earlier than I expected. Nonetheless I am always ready. It took me a few moments to pick the lock; and as I slowly opened the door I could hear the shower running the apartment bathroom. I quietly slipped into Kurt's bedroom, prepared the chloroformed soaked cloth and waited.
Kurt had bent over to slip into a new pair of boxer shorts when I approached him from behind and pressed the cloth over his mouth and nostrils. In his surprise, he inhaled deeply and as I held him against my chest, he passed out rather quickly. I laid him out on the floor with his boxer shorts around his knees. I removed to the belt from the trousers he had deposited on the floor and reached into my pocket for the plastic bag. I pulled the plastic bag over his head and using his belt I secured the bag firmly around his throat. He hardly moved as he began to suffocate; he ran out of air relatively quickly. All I had to do was to keep the belt tight. His body convulsed a few times — the chloroformed did its job. He opened his eyes as he took his last breaths and a few moments later Kurt Weill was dead.

I loosened the belt and pulled the plastic bag off his head, tossing his belt aside.
Kurt Weill, the problem, was "solved."
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Another good story and photos. Enjoyed both.


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It took almost 2 years before I got my first good spawn from my WC Kapampas. I was tried of the females not holding so I started to strip them. I found the male was doing his job but the females just didnt hold. I now tumble most my Kapampa eggs now. Your problem might be your females.
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