Author Topic: KILLER BICEPS STORY. my stab at writing, love suffocation!  (Read 1648 times)


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KILLER BICEPS STORY. my stab at writing, love suffocation!
« on: October 10, 2015, 01:33:57 PM »
 Scott is in the gym sitting,about 3am, all alone doing bicep curls on a bicep curl stand..... then he sees a HUGE blond guy w/like 24" biceps, and forearms 17" covered in silky blond the mirror coming up behind him, all of a sudden he wraps one arm around scotts neck, pulls scott up and he feels that massive bicep digging into his neck, he holds scott, laughs and says "'i'm going to show you what REAL biceps are, he manuvers scott in front of the stand, then forces scott down, he sits down, he's holding scotts head against the flat part of the stand, arm around scott tight, scott grabs at his hard thick bicep, feels like pure steel.. feeling the hair on his forearm... he laughs... then with his free arm he starts doing curls w/ a 100 lb dumb bell... he flexes his arm holding me, scott grabs at his bicep, he says ya,, scott can see him curling, look at that massive gun boy... scott sees his bicep swell, the veins popping, , he keeps curling. ... scott cant talk. his arm /bicep flexingholding scott tight scott can only moan., he says ok,... he stops doing curls.... then he flexes his free arm, his bicep swelling up , massive. he brings it over, and rubs it in scotts face, making scott feel every hard massive thick inch, "feel that boy" he presses it down, and starts smothering scott, scott hands grab, it only to feel the hard thick massive boiling ball of a bicep... he lifts up , lets scott breath, then flexes it.. look at it boy ,, look at those veins. he laughs, he keeps flexing it over & over in front of scott eyes, , rubbing scott with it, "like that boy" the guy laughs, "good, becaust i'm going to kill you with it" hahahah. scott starts kicking ,grabbing at the guys arms, only feeling the hard thick hairy muscle and steel biceps, then the guy leans up up a bit, looks in the mirror, "look at yourself boy", scotts face covered in tears, what a honor your getting, hahha, the guy laughs.. say goodby boy.. the he slowly covers scotts face with it, making scott feel the viens and hard thick muscle as he presses down sealing scotts mouth and nose.. "ya" the guy moans.. then flexes both arms, scott helplessly grab both of the guys arms, scott feels the muscle tighten, he feels the hard massive bicep over his face, his fingers feeling all the silky blond hair on the guys hard thick forearms and feeling the hard mound of muscle of his biceps, scott looks in the mirror as he's suffocating, thrashing, seeing this massive blond hunk doing this to him, the gym lights making the silky hair on the guys forearms glistin.... the guy holds scott there pressing his bicep down hard over scotts face, but making sure scott can see him doing this to him... "let that muscle smother you boy, this is what a nice set of biceps can do boy" he laughs again, slowly flexing tighter, scotts movements slow, he cant breath, all he feels and sees is the guys thick bicep over him,, "lights out boy" scott stops moving, the guy lets go of him, scotts body drops to the floor. the guy laughs at him, well boy, guess you couldnt handle the bicep workout.. ha ha.. the guy walks away..saying to himself,,,need to work my chest tomorrow.. he walks out of the gym, turns out the lights.