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Southern Twink / Ricky
« on: November 01, 2015, 05:42:45 AM »
I just bought my first Ricky video 'Southern Twink Gets Chloroformed.'

I am very impressed by Ricky.  I don't mean to say anything bad about anyone else but from what I have seen, Ricky is the only one that truly seems to 'get' what a Glove Over Mouth *is*.  He is a good actor because I cannot tell that he is acting.  He's got the right combination for 'clamped on' and 'not too forced.'

In other words, so many others seem to be 'play acting' with it - pretending like this clamp of the glove is some super human force that renders its victims powerless.  No, Ricky clamps it on and is in-tune with the energy of it.  It doesn't hurt that the southern twink is very docile to begin with (much like myself). hehe.

I'd love for Ricky to GOM me.  Further, I like how Ricky manhandles the body by grabbing on to it via hands over chest and dragging it away.  I love Ricky.

Once Ricky gets to the bedroom, our little good boy decides he wants to try to wake up.  Ricky, in the middle of about to undress the poor kid, very efficently re-GOMs him.  Ricky is not shocked or rushed.  He just knows the boy has to be re - GOM'd.  It is hot.  Ricky is sure of himself and doesn't panic.  He is in control.

I love Ricky's leather gloved hands manipulating the victim's belt and jean buttons.  I love Ricky checking the pulse later and also when he puts his hand on the kid's chest and presses down.  Almost like he is kneading his meat that he is victor over.  Ricky is almost embracing him in a way too.

I love you Ricky.

I once saw a clip of you 'teasing' a would be killer about how well you pretend to die.  It was cocky of you.

I'd love you to be my Master and fake kill me every day.  The way you do it, you make it all seem so real.  I love your leather gloves.  Yum.

Thank you!