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Drew´s rage
« on: December 19, 2015, 07:21:12 PM »
Drew is with some classmates. Drew always feel like the four wheels when they are together. He has been invited to a hotel by the boys. But he don´t know why cause they all act like he isent even there. That in itself is not really anything new, but Drew is getting tired of it, so he decides that this is the last time. Drew is sitting in their hotel room  witch they share. Scarppy, Danny and Tom have just been in the pool so they come back to the room in their trunks they laugh and joke.

Drew gets up and leaves the room and the others do not even notice. Drew goes to the ventilation and pour liquid Zolpidem into the shaft. Then he turns up the heat. He waits a few minutes outside the door. Then he turns off the ventilation and goes into the room. He closes the door behind him. Scrappy, Tom and Danny are a few meters apart on the floor. They sleep deeply and Drew is trying to wake them up but without success. He smiles and begins by moving Tom into one room. Drew Binds him to the bed on hands and feet, Then he  moves Scrappy into the next room and Danny in the last room. Then he goes into the kitchen and find a pair of scissors, a large knife and a small vegetable knife. He then goes to Tom.

Tom is fast asleep. Drew sits down next to Tom and starts to slap him. Tom wakes. Tom panics when he realizes what situation he is in. Drew takes the big knife and start to let the tip run up and down the Tom's torso. Tom begs for his life but it just makes Drew enjoy it even more. Drew is now taking firm hold of the knife and raises it over his head.

Then Drew jams the knife into the stomach of Tom. Tom gasping and spitting blood from his mouth. Drew Pulling the knife out again and then jams it into Toms chest. The 3. stab is a couple of centimeter under Toms sternum. Drew leaves the knife in Toms sternum for a while. Toms last breath sounds and Drew gets up from the bed while his face and sees Tom's dead body. then he pulls the knife out of Tom and leaves the room.

Then He goes to Danny. Danny is still  asleep and Drew takes a bottle of water and pours it over Danny to wake him. Danny wakes up and, like Tom, he goes in panic and trying to get free. But Drew has tied the rope too tight. Drew sits beside Dannny and then he pulls out the scissors. He stabs it into Dannys chest. Danny gasps for breath. Then Drew pulls the scissors out and stabs the scissors into the throat of Danny. Danny's eyes go blank and blood runs out  his mouth. then Drew Leaves and goes onto the last. Scrappy.

Scrappy also sleeps and Drew Sits down by his side. . Scrappy must be dreaming something good cause he´s got a big boner in his swim trunks.  Drew sees it and gets furious at Scrappy " How can he be horny at a time like this". Drew Cuts the swim trunks open witch leaves Scrappy naked with a boner. Drew wakes Scrappy and Scrappy is  surprised to be naked but even more  surprised that Drew is sitting next to him. He tries to get free but without success. Drew is so furious so he grabs the small knfe and stabs it vertically through Scrappys hard cock. Scrappy screams of pain and writhing his body in unnatural  ways.

Drew is now taking the big knife and stabs it  four times into Scrappys chest, he continues to stab and stab. In the end he has stabbed the knife into Scrappy's torso 8 -10 times before his rage calmed. Scrappy has been dead a long time and is he is just looking blankly at the ceiling. Drew breathes heavily and forcing himself to relax. Then he gets up and leaves the hotel.


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Re: Drew´s rage
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2016, 11:45:21 AM »
Sounds hot,...and bloody! :-)


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Re: Drew´s rage
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2016, 10:30:12 PM »
I love these stories. I love these stories. I love the stories. I wanted to use the superlative form of speech to simply say how much I appreciate other folks in this forum WHO write very imaginative, creative stories. I only wish we had pictorial essays to illustrate their storytelling.
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