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Drews revenge
« on: January 24, 2016, 05:05:26 PM »
Drew has a soft spot for firearms, he loves to collect them. He has a large collection but his two farvoriter is machine gun and his 9 mm with silencer. (Both weapons are small and can easily be hidden)
Scrappy and Ray are two thugs from Drews past and he has always dreamed of getting his revenge one day.

Drew works as an assistant in a company where you can rent storage for furniture. he discovers that Scrappy and Ray will be employed at the company and that he will be responsible for training them.

During their first meeting in the company neither Scrappy or Ray recognize Drew. Drew  however, recognize them immediately.
Drew brings them into an empty space that has not yet been rented out. Here he pulls his gun out as he closes the door behind them. Scrappy and Ray turns and see Drew with the gun pointing at them. They panic and pray for their lives.

Drew says that it does not help to  yell, all rooms are soundproof. He assure them that as long as they do as he says, nothing will happen.

Drew Asks them both to take off T-shirt, shoes and trousers. The boys are too scared to resist so they obey and they end up only wearing boxers. Drew asks them to turn around so they stand with their backs to him and they obey again. Drew the hits Scrappy in the back of the head so he faints and falls to the floor.

Drew now aims at Ray who looks even more terrified than he did before. Drew then puts a bullet in Rays knee and Ray falls to the floor screaming in pain. Drew kicks Ray in the head and Ray falls down on his back. This gives Drew an opening and he gets close and emptied the clip into Rays chest. every bullet that hits sends ripples through Rays body and he dies before the last bullet has entered his Chest.

Scrappy is starting to wake up and Drew puts the gun away and pulls out his machine gun and aim it at Scrappy.

Scrappy takes a quick look at Rays body and starts to beg for his life after realizing that he's next. Drew start to smile. Then he pulls the trigger emptying the clip into Scrappy's torso. Scrappy dies quickly and Drew take a couple of photos of his victims and then leaves the room and locks it behind him