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Hunters dream
« on: January 24, 2016, 06:02:56 PM »
Hunter is a master of hypnosis. but combined with his great sexual desires and his love for both violent movies and games makes him a dangerous and unpredictable opponent.

Hunter has always had a crush on Scrappy and Alixis from school.

One day he invited them home so they can do homework together. But they end up drinking instead. Before long Scrappy and Alixis are drunk. And Hunter exploit this to his advantage. He challenge them to a staring contest. But Hunter brings them under his control using hypnosis instead.

He gives them instructions to strip and they obey. "Yes it worked".  He takes his own clothes off and walks over to Alexis. He begins to touch Alexis torso and before long he started to kiss and lick Alexis torso. When Hunter reaches alexis stomach he discovers that Alexis has a boner.

"Seems like you like that" Hunter says. Hunter gets up and do exactly the same with Scrappy who react in the same way. All tree of them is now naked with a boner.

Hunter order Scrappy to his knees in front of Alexis and Scrappy obey. Scrappys head is now a few centimeters from Alexis cock. Scrappy is told to give Alexis a handjob and Scrappy obey. Alexis groans and leans his head back. It does not take long before Alexis shoots his load all over Scrappys chest.

Scrappy rises and Alexis starts licking Scrappy chest clean. Alexis continues to lick and soon he reach Scrappys stomach.
While on his knees He takes Scrappys cock in his mouth and start giving Scrappy a blowjob. Scrapy moans and ends up cumming.

Then Sscrappy and Alexis and ordered to kneel in front of Hunter and again they obey. then they start to suck Hunter's cock from each side. Hunter blast his load and leaves the scene for a minute . He returns with a machete. Then He orders them both to their feet. Both Scrappy and Alexis are still hard. Hunter then Raises the machete and chops off Scrappy's hard cock. Scrappy screams in pain and falls to his knees. Hunter then Stabs the machete through Scrappy´s chest. Scrappy dies and falls flat on the floor

Hunter goes behind Alexis and takes the machete to Alexis neck and cut his throat. then Hunter leaves the scene.


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Re: Hunters dream
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2016, 09:48:07 PM »
Very imaginative! I could visualize the scene you described. Very sensually evocative. Very bloody. The way I like them!
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