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A bit different
« on: January 28, 2016, 08:10:34 PM »
This story is probably a little different. Here a scene which only has one of the best death actors. The rest is celebrities.
Hunter is the Main character, and he is a master of hypnosis.

Hunter is on holiday in Los Angeles. He sits on his balcony and enjoying the sun and a cold drink. He looks beyond the pool area. He laughs to himself when he sees a young man standing with his back to him and he can not stop laughing.
"I just thought that it was Bieber" But his laughter stops abruptly when the guy turns around and it turns out that to be Justin Bieber. He is so surprised that he spit his drink out over the balcony. He put the drink down and takes his camera out. He zooms in to be sure, and i really is Justin.

He puts on a sweater and go down in the reception. Here he asks the clerk to indicate which room Justin lives on. He is rejected with the message that she cant tell. Hunter looks at her and her eyes go blank. "Room 2021" she says. Hunter returns to his room. (When Hunter hypnotize people they remember nothing of what happened during hypnosis).

Hunter went out on the balcony again and after some time he sees Justin leave the pool and go over to the front desk. Hunter waits for 5 min. Then he leaves his room and goes up to room 2021. He takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. Shortly after the door opens. There is a confused Justin with wet hair. "Yes?" He said as his eyes scan the hall for the fans. Hunter makes eye contact with him and puts him under hypnosis. Justin's eyes turns blank.

"Hey Justin I am a friend and we have an agreement to meet," said Hunter and looked at Justin."We are friends and we planned to meet here "repeated Justin and stepped aside so Hunter could get in.

"Sorry but I had to wash my hair, the chlorine in the pool is not good for my hair color." Hunter smile and respond "That's fine. But i think you should take off your Shirt too" "

Justin obey and ends up standing in his black calvin klein boxers. "Kiss Me" says Hunter. They start kissing and Hunter grabs Justin bulge and feels it up. His other hand examine Justin's upper body carefully. When Hunter feels  Justin's bulge grows removes his hands and begins instead to kiss and lick Justin's upper body and biting gently on his nipples. Justin starts moaning. When Hunter reaches the edge of Justin's boxers Justins bulge has  grown to twice its size. Hunter strips naked and  reveal a Rock Hard cock.

He presses Justin knees with one hand on his shoulder. "Suck it" Hunter says. Justin Graps Hunters Cock and puts his  mouth around the head. Hunters body quiver and a long deep moans coming from his half open mouth it  long before he comes. Justin swallows it all. Hunter orders Justin to the bed where Hunter straps the Idol down on hand and foot.

Hunter removes Justin's Boxers and reveal Justin's hard cock as it slaps against Justin's abs. Hunter starts to suck Justin's Cock and Justin Moan loudly. 35 sec is all it takes for Justin to cum. He shoots his load all over his abs.

Hunter then grabs a knife from the kitchen and returns to Justin. Then Hunter releases Justin from the hypnosis and justin Looks at him. Then without warning Hunter stabs the knife into Justin's Chest 5 times. Justin Dies with his eyes wide open with fear. Hunter then leaves the room and goes to the pool to relax


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Re: A bit different
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2016, 09:51:49 PM »
Another highly evocative and sensual scene. Wouldn't mind seeing this one produced in a video clip.
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