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« on: February 06, 2016, 12:27:09 PM »
Pierce has hired Drew as a detective. He is there to help Pirece find out is his girlfriend is cheating on him. Drew invite Pirece home to tell him what his investigation has resulted in.

They sit in the living room. Drew sits down opposite Pirece and they begin to talk. Pirece suddenly becomes  very tired and exhausted. Pirece guesses that  Drew has put something in his water. He is trying to fight the urge to fall asleep but it does not help.

Drew gets up and sits next to Pirece. He opens Pireces eyelids and begins to chant. Shortly after he snaps his fingers and Pirece awakens. Drew test his hypnosis and it turns out that he has full control over Pirece.

Drew ordering him to undress so Pirece only left in Boxing Shorts. Drew gets up but forget completely that he has put his own water in her lap as it tumbles. "Look at that!" Drews shirt is soaked with water from the glass as he takes off his shirt and hang it to dry. Then he turns his attention to Pirece.

He orders Pirece to go into the next room and straps him to a wall. Drew takes a small vegetable knife and sticks it into Pireces stomach. Pirece gasps as the knife pierce his skin. Drew pulls the knife out again and puts it on the table next to them. Then Drew takes the Gun lying on the table and he put it against Pireces forehead.

Drew then slowly lets the gun slide down towards Pireces stomach. Drew stops when the barrel from the gun is on Pireces throat, then he lets it slide on. Drew stops again at Pireces sternum. The next stop is when the barrel is just besides the wound from the knife. Drew pushes the gun into the wound and Pirece roars in pain.

Drew removes the gun and step back. Then he shoots Pirece in one knee. Pirece roars pain but remains standing as he is strapped. Next shot sounds and this time hits Pirece in the shoulder. He roars again and the next shot got in his other shoulder.  Drew enjoys watching Pirece in pain and shoot again. This time he hits Pirece in the abdomen just above the wound from the knife. Pirece gasp again and this time he coughs up blood.

Drew points the gun at Pirece again and this time firing 4 shots. Drew laughs while the bullets make their way into Pireces chest. Pireces gasp again and his eyes blank.

 Drew fires a last shot which goes into the middle of Pireces forehead.
Pireces head falls forward. Dead

Drew leaves the room and sits down in front of the tv


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Re: Pireces/Drew
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Drew is mentally ill!!  twitch