Author Topic: VID REVIEW: Hitchhiker Marine Gets Drugged, Stripped, Bathed, Drowned  (Read 2314 times)


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Another BESTDEATHS and BOOTLUST collaboration is a very exciting and well done effort on the part of these two websites. Zak Hendry plays his role as hitchhiking Marine extremely well and the "young guy" who manages to knocked  him out, strips him naked and manages to get Zak into a bath tub plays very well. Zak, featured in a number of BOOTLUST'S offerings, is a very handsome, well built young guy . . . If you haven't visited BOOTLUST.COM recently, you ought to. Zak Hendry recently appeared in a BD offering and is a very attractive young fellow who plays the role of "victim" extremely well. If you haven't purchased what I refer to as the "SWANK" video clip from BD you might consider doing so. In this video clip however Zak plays the role of a "mafia-type" character dressed in a tux that eventually is torn from his body prior to his being strangled to death in what appears to be a junkyard. His death scene is quite convincing and his hard cock is a delightful reaction to his strangulation.
Zak was featured in the not too distant past in a DREAMBOYBONDAGE series where he is called "RUSSELL." The series is called "THE FULL QUAD"--And if any of the forum members are interested, you can find the full series website.
I really like the fact that different websites can combine their efforts and continue to produce the quality videos I really appreciate.

For all the members of the BD forum who are interested in "death by drowning" scenes this video clip is worth the purchase price.
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Really enjoyed this film.  The marine is a very handsome dude and really like that there was like couple seconds of foot worship in this clip.