Author Topic: USED AND ABUSED: A Call Boy's Revenge  (Read 954 times)


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USED AND ABUSED: A Call Boy's Revenge
« on: February 11, 2016, 07:49:08 PM »

19-year-old Tyler Caldwell was not used to being abused and thrown out. It wasn't the first time that Ian McCarthy had treated him like dirt; calling him set up date, Tyler showing up and then being subjected to Ian's whims and then simply being thrown out. Tyler had it needed the money he wouldn't be doing this kind of "work." Tyler had had enough. After the fourth time that Ian had set up a rendezvous, abusing Tyler sexually and then dismissing him at half of what he had promised to pay, Tyler decided to take his revenge.

On that Sunday morning, Tyler had gotten into Ian's home and after searching the house finally found him on the deck near the pool at the rear of the house. This time, though, Tyler had returned to Ian's house with a loaded gun; a 38 caliber pistol.

29-year-old Ian McCarthy was sitting on the deck naked, jerking off. Tyler watched him for a while before pulling the gun out of his belt and leveling the weapon at Ian. The door to the deck was open. Tyler stood in the doorway, aimed the gun carefully and fired. Ian was totally distracted of course by his self satisfying exercise and neither heard or saw Tyler in the doorway. In didn't even look up with a 38 caliber slug pierced his chest and entered his heart. Ian just looked down at the hole in his chest, a bit surprised by the sudden pain he felt. He watched as the blood began to leak from the bullet hole in his chest. He groaned as he lost consciousness. Ian's body convulsed for just a moment before he lay completely still.

Tyler stood in the doorway for a few more moments, watching the blood flow down Ian's belly. Ian wasn't moving. Tyler had had his revenge.
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