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Justin Bieber/ Alexis Story from Any ideas
« on: February 17, 2016, 07:46:12 PM »
Alexis has got a job as a security guard. His first job is to guard the Pop idol Justin Bieber for a concert in LA. Alexis meet with Justin the morning before the concert. Here he leans about the job. What people do not know is that Alexis hate Justin Bieber. He doesn't even know why.

After the meeting,Justin and Alexis are alone in the car and are heading out to find a place to eat lunch. They find a place and Alexis quickly realises that Justin is exactly like they say in the media.

When they come back to the hotel Justin gets in the shower. Alexis starts to make drinks but he puts a sleeping draft in Justins drink and then he waits for the popstar to return. Justin comes back from the bathroom and sits down with Alexis. They talk a little and Justin begins to drink his drink. It does not take long before the sleeping drug works and Justin end up falling asleep.

Alexis know that the room is soundproof on request from the crew. Mostly due to the loud music that Justin plays.
Alexis pulls Justin into one of the bedrooms and throws him onto the bed. He straps Justins hands to the bed with tape. He makes sure that Justin's hands are above his head so Alexiss can see Justin's armpits. then he straps  the hands to the headboard. The he does the same with the feet. Justin has shorts and a tank top on.

While Justin is asleep Alexis leaves the room and hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. Some time after he comes back after a shopping trip. He has been out and buy supplies in the form of a 9 mm pistol and silencer, an ice pick and more duct tape. He goes straight into the bedroom where Justin is still asleep. Alexis then goes to find a pair of scissors. Then he covers Justins mouth with duct tape.

Justin wakes up and starts to panic.

Alexis assure Justin that as long as he plays along nothing bad is gonna happen to him. Justin gives a short and frightened nod to indicate that he understands. It is obvious that Alexis has a great weakness against idol toned torso. Alexis gets up and fetches a glass of water. He stands next to Justin for a moment before he pours water out of Justin's upper body. That results in Justin's body now shines almost like he was covered in oil. Alexis smears out the water so that it covers the entire body and then the fun begins.

Alexis starts to lick Justin's chest and he  gently bites Justin Nipples. "Are you enjoying it?" Alexis askes. And Justin nods since he has been told to "play along"."Then moan" Alexis says and continues to lick and kiss his way down to Justin's stomach. Justin groans awkwardly through the tape. It takes some time before Justin gets his body to react  to what is happening, but when Alexis gets to Justins stomach for the 3 time there is a huge bulge in Justins Boxers. "Good boy" says Alexis. He begins to massage Justin Bulge and Justin Groans again. Alexis starts to cut up the boxers and that leaves Justin Nude with a hard cock lying up against his stomach.

Alexis cant take it anymore so he takes a hold of Justin's cock and start playing with it while his other hand is fixed on Justin's Chest.  Alexis puts Justin's cock in his mouth and starts giving the pop star a blowjob. Justin groans clearer and he looks like he actually enjoys it. Alexis does it so well that is only takes like a minute for Justin to Cum.

 The pressure is so big that Justin shoots his loade up on his chest and leaves a long trail of sperm from the thorax to the abdomen. Alexis smear the sperm out so that it covers the entire body and then he leaves the room for a moment and comes back with a thin candle.

Alexis puts the candle against Justin's hole and push it without warning into Justin. Justin groans out a grunt of pain and Alexis pushes the candle further into the hole till the candle is all the way in.

He pulls the candle out again and leave the room. He gives Justin a break and after 5 - 10 min he comes back. Alexis takes the ice pick and let it run down over Justin's upper body. When he reaches Justin's stomach  Alexis jabs it into Justin's belly button.
Justin grunts back pain and blood seeping out through the tape. Alexis pulls the pick out again.

Justin Muttering something and Alexis guess he said something like "You promised that if I played along you would not hurt me"
Alexis smiles. Then he leans against Justin and whispering in his ear. "I lied" He Then Jabs the pick into Justins Chest 4 times. The last stab is to Justins heart. Alexis puts his ear to Justin's chest. Justin's heart beats one last time and Justin exhales. Alexis gets up and goes to the table. He puts the silencer on the gun. Then he goes over to Justin and puts the barrel on Justins forehead. Then He Pulls the trigger. It sends shockwaves through Justin's body.
and a drop of blood flowing from the small hole in Justin's forehead and down his nose and down on his chin. Alexis Then the starts to jerk off next to Justins body and before long he shoots his load all over Justins chest. Then Alexis leaves the room "Just in time for the buffet"

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Re: Justin Bieber/ Alexis Story from Any ideas
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Excellent story there, Cortez87. Very erotic. Thank you.


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Re: Justin Bieber/ Alexis Story from Any ideas
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Finally . . . an end for the idiot! I jerked off and came when the little prick was put out of our misery.
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