Author Topic: MALE-X MURDER: Hunting Kurt Benson  (Read 11205 times)


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MALE-X MURDER: Hunting Kurt Benson
« on: February 18, 2016, 05:56:59 PM »

Kurt Benson was a 25-year-old graduate student at the University of Washington/Seattle. He was in the Masters program at the University in criminal psychology. He hoped one day to become a consulting crime scene investigator. He was a rather smart young man but whenever he got stoned or drunk, he became a sociopath; he was gay and couldn't deal with his own truth--he never wanted to reveal the fact the he was gay—he just loved killing gay young men and often did so to deal with his own homosexuality. Kurt Benson was a killer.

My name is MALE – X and my job is solving "personnel problems" for people who need it a problem solved. My fee structure for solving various problems can be very high. However, I enjoy my work so much that I often reduce my fees based on the requester s ability to pay.

I received the encoded message late on a Wednesday night. The problem was explained to me and I took an hour or so before I replied. I accepted the contract.

Kurt Benson was guilty of having lured a 20-year-old gay undergrad student into a very compromising sexual position. Kurt had met Derek on a Friday night at a very popular gay watering hole known as the "Olive or Twist." After having met Derek and having chatted him up a great deal, invited Derek to his condo in the University District of Seattle. After having sexual intercourse with the young man; he beat Derek up badly enough for him to be hospitalized. After their sexual encounter, you see, Kurt beat Derek up and then dumped his nearly dead body in a back alley in downtown Seattle.

Kurt heard the news the next day that two guys found Derek in that alley, they called 911 and waited until the EMT s got there. The two guys found Derek barely conscious; they performed CPR and resuscitation breathing while they waited for the ambulance to arrive. Derek had regained consciousness for a moment and told the two guys that he knew who had done this to him. He was able to blurt out a name before he lost consciousness. One of the two guys that had found Derek had checked his ID and found the name of his next of kin. It was the two guys in the alley who reported to Derek's father that another student by the name of Kurt Benson was responsible for having nearly killed his son. It was Derek's father who contacted me; told me that he wanted swift justice and that he allowed me to determine how that justice was to be administered.

After making extensive inquiries, it didn't take me very long to find where Kurt might be hiding out.

That Saturday morning, I found the cabin where Kurt was hiding and positioned myself in a place where I could easily kill him. He had walked down to the stream and had begun to take a piss. His jeans were open as pissed into the flowing water. The first arrow pierced his chest; Kurt fell backward and when I approached him, he was struggling to pull the arrow out of his body. I notched another arrow and watched as Kurt struggled. I was about 10 feet away when I put the second arrow into his chest. He watched me  as  I did this, he felt the second painful piercing. I looked down on his body in the stream; the look on Kurt's face was one of pain filled surprise. His body began to convulse as I as I pulled the the top of his jeans further down and pulled out his hard cock. I stroked his cock for a few moments; he came almost violently as I took hold of the second arrow, pushing it more deeply into his chest,  piercing his heart.

Kurt Benson, the predator, was dead… It was a very good day for hunting prey.
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