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Ray- Mike and Alexis
« on: August 24, 2016, 11:39:08 AM »

Ray is invited over to help Mike out With homework. But Mike Have other plans with Ray. Mike Is a master of hypnosis and he hates Ray, who´is arrogant and selfish.
Mike comes into the appartment and they sit down in the livingroom. They start to work. Mike gets up and leave to get something to drink, He returns and gives Ray a glas of water. Ray drinks it all and it does not take long before the drugs takes effect. Ray pass out. Mike´s roommate Alexis comes into the room and is both chocked and turned on by what he sees. Mike starts to talk to Alexis and Alexis ends up under Hypnosis.
Then Mike Turns to Ray and Ties him up on the floor. Ray Wakes up and cant move (because he is tied up ) Mike gets up besides him and brings him under his control. Then Mike unties Ray and orders him on his feet. He orders Alexis to grab the videocamera and start to film. Alexis obeys and so does Ray. Ray is now ordered to strip down to his boxers and he obeys.
Mike strips down to his boxers as well. Then Mike starts to touch  Rays upperbody. Then he starts to kiss/lick Ray´s chest and biting his nipples. Ray starts to moan and when Mike reaches Ray´s boxers Ray is rock Hard. So is Mike and he now orders Ray to his knees. Ray Obeys again and Mike takes out his cock. He orders Ray to grab it and jerk it. "Wow you´re huge"
Ray says. "Thanks, not shut up and suck it" Mike says. Ray obeys again. Behind the camera Alexis is turned on and start to jerk off while filming. It does not take long for Mike to cum and he covers Ray´s chest  with the load. "Get up." Mike says and Ray stands. Mike then takes Ray to the bed where Ray gets on his back and Mike takes Rays feet over his shoulder and without warning Mike shove his rock hard cock into Rays hole.
Ray screams in pain but Mike wont let go. After a while Ray is ordered onto the floor again and Ray obeys again. Mike then graps a gun (With muffler) And fire 2 shots, one in each of Ray´s kneecaps. Ray yells out in pain and falls to the floor. Mike fires 2 more shots. one in each of Rays elbows. (That prevents Ray from moving) Mike then puts 4 shots right into Rays chest at close range. Ray body twitches for each bullet that enters his chest. Ray dies. Mike then sits down besides him and put the gun to Rays forhead and fires a final shot.
Mike the turns to Alexis and orders him to his knees in front of him. Alexis obeys and gives Mike a blowjob (Fake one) We see how Mike enjoys it and moans even more than when Ray did it and Mike leans his head back in pleasure. After Mike comes,he puts the gun to Alexis forhead and fires a shot. Alexis Dies instantly and falls to the floor. Mike then fires 4 more shots into Alexis Chest and then leaves the room