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« on: October 14, 2016, 07:12:23 PM »
Recently I've been wondering about "favorite body types;" and I was thinking about what are the favored body types that engage our fantasies; that really turn us on when we see them and fantasize about our "murderous" inclinations when we see them.
Speaking for myself, I prefer slender men, well proportioned physically (the "swimmers build" is a personal favorite), with some body hair; i.e. Stan. BD actors like KT, Josh, Alexis, Eli, Casey, Mark (BD's own), Jake and his partner Chad, Mark and Stefan, Drew, Hunter, Greg and several other young guys, float my boat!
Young guys like Mike, big George, or the young model that appeared in The Red Garrotte Strangler vid's are certainly good examples of very muscular young guys who also get a rise out of me. There are many others who fit this category.
Then there are guys like Paul, Nick, Trevor, Adam, Tom, etc., who also demand attention. There are also many unnamed young actors that have appeared in BD vid's that are very nice to look at and certainly engage my fantasies quite well.
I'm just curious about the body types that other guys, members of the forum find particularly attractive.
Do you have a favorite body type? I can't get enough of Alexis, BD's Mark or Marc from Boy's Edge, there have also been any number of young actors that have remained unnamed who have also demanded my attention. Josh and Jake/Chad have consistently won my attention. Hunter and Greg — I love seeing these two together – have always been among my favorites – KT is almost in the category of his own when it comes to out and out attractiveness.
What about you? Whose" body type" engages your fantasies and why?
Including a few examples of types I favor . . .
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