Author Topic: MURDER HE WROTE--An Abusive Jock  (Read 1517 times)


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MURDER HE WROTE--An Abusive Jock
« on: October 22, 2016, 07:50:14 PM »

Doug Benson had just graduated from Lindenhurst High School in Salem, Oregon – part of the class of 2016. His future seemed quite bright having secured for himself a scholarship to the University of Oregon, Eugene, in football. He had a very successful career as a high school player; and his good looks had made him quite popular with the girls he had attended high school with. That late Saturday afternoon, however, was going to prove to be quite fateful.

Doug was home from UO when he received a phone call from his high school girlfriend telling him that her parents were gone for the weekend and asking him to come by her house to catch up on what's been going on in his life. When Doug end of the phone call, he smiled to himself and remembered the fun times that he had had with Sherry during his senior year at Lindenhurst. Sherry was a beautiful girl whom Doug had dated his senior year; how he had had the opportunity to fuck her several times; he thought of her as an easy piece of "ass." He never had felt anything for her during the months of their sexual encounters and had not really thought of her at all since he had gone off to college. Her phone call though surprised him a bit — when she ended the call, Doug couldn't help but think that Sherry had to be horny, reaaly horny to call him again.

He had not spoken to Sherry since their last encounter – refusing even to answer her phone calls and text messages. Doug had just wanted to forget that he had used Sherry and just wanted to forget her. Sherry, unfortunately for Doug, did remember and in the intervening months she grew angrier and angrier with having been used and tossed away as if she was merely a piece of trash. Sherry had told her younger brother Sam what had happened and the two of them planned their mutual revenge. Sam hated Doug for what he had done to his sister how Doug had treated him in high school. Sam thought of Doug is nothing more than a useless piece of shit that should be eliminated from the human gene pool.

Doug was one of those guys who believe that any girl who asked him out was merely looking to suck his dick or plant his 7 inch cock in her pussy. As he sat there contemplating the evening, he couldn't but help begin to get hard. He reached down inside his waistband and began to work his cock until it was hard. He opened his jeans and pulled out his cock, he was quite satisfied with its length and girth and couldn't help but begin to stroke it. He threw his head back, pulled up his T-shirt and began to stroke his chest, pinching his nipples. Several moments had gone by and suddenly his phone rang again. It was his mother calling to tell her 19-year-old son that she and Doug's father would be quite late getting back that evening. But his mother asked if he had any plans for the evening, he just mumble that he was just going to say home and hang out. When the call ended, Doug headed to the shower to get ready for "fuck night" with Sherry. He didn't know that Sherry was already 3 1/2 months pregnant; a result of Doug having fucked her on graduation night in June.

He stripped off his jeans and underwear, pulling his T-shirt over his head. He looked at himself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door and thought to himself that, given his looks and his physique. What girl wouldn't want him.

He finished showering, resisting the urge to jerk off under the hot water. He made a conscious decision to save himself for the evening. He didn't need to shave though he did brush his teeth and brush his hair and a place. He headed to his bedroom where he slipped on fresh underwear and a clean pair of jeans; he grabbed a white T-shirt and pulled it over his head.

Doug opened the backdoor and across the pation, heading across the backyard to the path, Since Sherry only lived about a quarter-mile away, he decided just to take the path through the woods that separated their homes.
Walking down the path all Doug could think about was getting laid. He remembered Sherry's tight vagina and smiled to himself as he thought about stuffing his long fat dick into her pussy. About halfway through his stroll, Doug looked up to see Sherry's brother Sam coming in the other direction. He watched Sam as they got nearer to each other.
"What's up jerk off?" Doug said when they were about 20 feet from each other.
Sam pulled the 25 caliber pistol from inside his leather jacket and took a single shot.

Doug had had little time to notice it; his eyes widened when he saw the pistol and heard the audible "pffft" from the gun. Doug's brain suddenly registered what had happened. He could feel his own warm blood on his four head as he reached up trying to touch it. Doug's left arm didn't seem to want to respond however as he began to lose consciousness. He is stared at Sam as his knees buckled. Doug fell on his back moaning ever so slightly; he coughed. Doug's body had fallen into a pile of autumn leaves. Sam approached Doug's dead body, looking down at Doug's face, watching the slow trickle of blood run down his forehead.

Sam felt sure that Doug was no longer breathing; he hadn't even bothered to check, he was just sure that Doug was dead. He turned around and walked back up the path to where Sherry waited.
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You're sure a fine writer and the photo is perfect.