Author Topic: manipulating guys in my photos!  (Read 526 times)


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manipulating guys in my photos!
« on: November 20, 2016, 05:43:14 AM »
hey guy,how ya all going?     do any of you know any programs  for photos, so I can manipulate the guys in my photos so they look like they are being strangled!    a lot of my mates are so hot,i can,t help imagine them being strangled.   also are there any programs to animate the photos as well,or make movies with the people in my photos?       any help will be appreciated.   thanks heaps!      darls5!

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Re: manipulating guys in my photos!
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2016, 12:25:46 PM »
You might consider buying one of the gif's (graphics interchange format) offered online. There may be some free ones as well, but I think I paid only around $30 or so for mine. I haven't tried using it yet for video since I'm mostly into still photos. At least it allows you to link photos together in order to show movement.

Of course, Photoshop allows you to manipulate photos, but it's hard to change facial expressions without making them look artificial. I suppose people with artistic ability might be able to do so, but not me. Even with Photoshop, you still have to have the person or model in generally the right pose that you want. If you currently don't have any kind of photo editing tools, I'd consider buying the Elements version of Photoshop. The one I have is old (Elements 10) and I think they're now up to Elements 15 or thereabouts. Elements might cost between $50 and $75 (?). Haven't checked recently, but it's a LOT less than the "professional" version. Elements is all that many people will ever need. Just in case you decide to give it a try and if you happen to be unfamiliar with such editing tools, don't be intimated by what you see. I'm a real tech. dummy, but eventually got to feeling comfortable with the features I use thanks to a book called Elements, The Missing Manual. It's something you might not need, depending on your current skill level. It was a must for me.

Having said all that, the best way, of course, would be if your friends are willing to pose for you. I could do so much more  if I had the actors available for that purpose.