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MURDER HE WROTE-The Execution of Vadim Archenkov
« on: November 30, 2016, 06:07:20 PM »
MURDER HE WROTE-The Execution of Vadim Archenkov

Vadim Archenkov was a 22 year old graduate of the Minsk Technical University. He was a handsome, blonde, blue-eyed young man with a well-toned body. Upon his graduation in computer science, Vadim knew that we was going to have to fulfill his national service requirement upon graduation; he joined the Russian army. He was posted to the Crimea when Russian Pres. Putin made the decision to test Western resolve by invading the Ukraine.

Vadim was assigned to a small tactical unit in support of the Russian army's activity in Sevastopol. Vadim was grateful for not having been assigned to an actual fighting unit; he spent his days intercepting messages from the Ukrainian Army and NATO advisers. He was very good at his job; as a junior lieutenant he had considerably more privileges than did most of the enlisted personnel he served with. Occasionally Vadim would secretly pursue his well disguised sexual interest. Vadim had made peace with the reality of being a young gay man living and working in a deeply homophobic organization like the Russian army.

From the age of 15, Vadim realized that he was gay and knew that if he was going to survive living in Russia, he would have to sublimate his sexual interest to avoid the brutality that was so often inflicted upon young gay men.

It was a warm summer evening in late August, Vadim had spent his day doing his job. He looked forward however to quietly visiting a private gay men's club he had heard about in Sevastopol. He was hoping to meet someone else his age who shared his sexual proclivity.

That warm Saturday night, Vadim met Kyril Ivanov; they struck up a conversation, shared more than a little vodka when Kyril invited Vadim to spend the night at his apartment. Vadim was very attracted Kyril; they seem to share a lot of common interests in other things than just sex. Vadim decided to respond to Kyril's invitation. Kyril's apartment was an easy distance from the private club. Vadim and Kyril were quite aroused by that nights possibilities. Vadim had not spent the night having sex with someone in about four months. Vadim found himself both eager and willing. He would not be disappointed; Kyril and he spent the night fulfilling their mutual desires. Vadim was off the next day; he wouldn't be missed until Monday morning.

Vadim was roused that early Sunday morning;  there were four other men in Kyril's apartment; Vadim suddenly became aware that he was in trouble. Vadim was still naked when the four men went to work; they gagged him and tied his hands behind his back and his ankles together. Vadim was very afraid; he protested to no avail. He was carried out of the building and thrown into the back of a van. The four men got into the back of the van and Vadim noticed that Kyril was at the wheel. It was then that he knew that he was being kidnapped.

The ride in the van took nearly an hour; Vadim couldn't help himself and ended up relieving himself, pissing on the floor of the van as they made their way out of the city. Listening to the conversation; he had been taken prisoner by Ukrainian resistance fighters; Kyril was a member of the group. The journey seemed endless to Vadim; he knew it was useless to try to escape.

The van suddenly pulled roughly to a stop and when the van door opened, Vadim found himself in a barn partially filled with bales of hay. One of the men untied his feet and Vadim was dragged out of the van, his arms still tied behind his back in the gag still in his mouth. Vadim could see that he'd been transported to a remote farm in the Crimean countryside. Vadim stood naked in the middle the barn, two young men on either side of him holding his arms; Kyril approached him while one of the other men untied his gag. Kyril stood in front of him, with all the violence he could muster, he slapped Vadim across the face. Kyril then proceeded to tell Vadim how he had been followed since shortly after his arrival in Sevastopol. He told Vadim that he had been watched carefully especially in his off hours; they knew that he was gay. Kyril told Vadim that they also knew about the work that Vadim was doing for the Russian invaders. Kyril suddenly slapped Vadim again; Vadim was bleeding from his lower lip. He told Vadim had been chosen to be made an example of. Kyril grabbed him by the head and suddenly kneed Vadim in the groin; Vadim doubled over, gasping for breath, still being held by the two young men.

Kyril told the men to grab several bales of hay and stack them in the middle of the barn; Kyril grabbed up a brown woolen: blanket, spreading it over the top of the bales. Vadim was dragged over to the blanket cove bales, still gasping for breath. Vadim was forced face down on the bales of hay. Kyril unbuttoned his shirt and loosened his pants; he stroked his cock until it was rock-hard. All that Vadim could do was whimper as Kyril began to dry fuck him. Vadim moaned as Kyril penetrated him. Kyril took his time, pumping his cock into Vadim's naked ass. Kyril could feel his orgasm rise; he kept his cock in the Vadim's ass as he came. After several moments, Kyril pulled his spunk covered cock out of the young man's ass. The other four young men took turns holding Vadim down on the blanket covered bales of hay while each of them fucked Vadim. Kyril sat watching. Each of them released their spunk into Vadim's ass. When the last one was through, Vadim was roughly turned face-up on his back; his cock was rock-hard and covered in pre-cum. Kyril got up, walking over to Vadim, stroked Vadim's cock a few times. Vadim's body arched as he shot his spunk all over his own chest and belly; his body convulsed every time spunk flew from the purple head of his cock. Kyril reached down and spread Vadim's cum all over his chest and nipples. Vadim lay there gasping  as his cock begin to soften.

Two of the men grabbed Vadim up to his feet and began to lead him out of the barn. They forced Vadim to walk a 100 or so yards into the waving grass field near the barn. They stopped and untied Vadim's arms; turning him around to face Kyril who stood with the other two young men about 20 feet away; Kyril noticing that Vadim's cock was still partially stiff. The two resistance fighters who lead him out of the barn joined Kyril and the other young men. It was then that Vadim noticed that each of them had 9 mm pistols in their hands. Vadim knew what was about to happen; he stood watching them lift their pistols, he heard Kyril say "fire!," he felt the five slugs pierce his body, he felt the force of the bullets force his body back, he staggered, he reached out with both arms as if to hold himself in place, he knew that he would be dead in a few moments, his knees crumpled, his body fell to the ground.

All five of the executioners walked to where Vadim's body lay to watch Vadim's last moments. Vadim struggled to breathe, he coughed several times spitting blood from his mouth. They watched as the blonde blue-eyed young Russian died in that Crimean field. They stared down at Vadim's dead naked corpse for a while; Vadim's eyes stared blankly at the sky.
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Re: MURDER HE WROTE-The Execution of Vadim Archenkov
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Wow, what a gripping and erotic story and with such detail that makes it sound totally real. I admire your talent for writing. And the photo is a perfect match for the ending. 


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MURDER HE WROTE The Execution of Vadim Archenkov
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Okay who besides me expected to see The Nature Boy Ric Flair make an appearance while listening to that intro music?


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Re: MURDER HE WROTE-The Execution of Vadim Archenkov
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