Author Topic: POLICE REPORT: Olympic College Student Found Dead  (Read 1273 times)


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POLICE REPORT: Olympic College Student Found Dead
« on: December 04, 2016, 03:24:59 PM »
POLICE REPORT: Olympic College Student Found Dead

20-year-old Lars Johanson was found dead in his East Bremerton,WA apartment on Saturday morning. Johanson was strangled to death by an unknown assailant; an electric extension cord, the apparent murder weapon, was found grasp tightly in Johanson's left hand when his body was discovered by a roommate who shared an apartment with Johanson in East Bremerton.
Johanson was a student at Olympic College in Bremerton, where he was majoring in computer science. His roommate, Kyle Bentley, reportedly he had last seen Lars on Friday morning. Bentley had spent Friday night at his girlfriend's residence in Silverdale, Washington; he discovered Johanson's body sprawled across his bed clutching the electrical cord used to strangle him when he returned to the apartment early Saturday morning.
Johanson was well known for his anti-gay marriage views; his Facebook page revealed that Johanson posted his homophobic reactions to the US Supreme Court's recent ruling regarding gay marriage in the United States. Johanson police record revealed that he had been arrested twice for sexual harassment of gay men in the Bremerton area. The Bremerton Police Department spokesman suggested that the motive for the murder may have been an act revenge suggesting that Johanson had also been accused of harassing gay students at Olympic College.
The police department spokesman also said that a full investigation into Johnson's death was already underway; he also stated that there was little evidence related to Johanson's death found at the scene. It did not appear that Johanson was sexually molested in any way; though there was ejaculated semen found inside of Johanson's jeans. It was suggested that the ejaculated semen may have been a direct result of the strangulation.
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Re: POLICE REPORT: Olympic College Student Found Dead
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now that,s brilliant!   sexy as hell!