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Tom Harden had had about enough! He was tired of Drew, his half-brother, constant belittling. Drew referred to his half-brother as "shit head,"or "fuck wad" all the time and insulted him  whenever their parents were out ; Tom had had enough. Tom had just turned 17, a year younger than Drew; it was Tom's opportunity to get even. Fortunately for Tom their parents were away for a long weekend and would not be back till Monday morning.

Tom had managed to get his hands on a small bottle of chloroform; and planned carefully how to use it on Drew. Tom had also hidden a couple of pieces of rope. He had a plan.

It was Friday night and Drew was in the bathroom, getting ready to go out for the evening with his buddies. Tom could hear Drew drying his hair after his shower. Tom was in his bedroom; he had gotten a white washcloth from the linen closet and began soaking the cloth with the contents of the chloroformed bottle he had hidden in his bedroom earlier in the week. Tom walked down the hall to the open bathroom door and peered around the door frame; Drew was taking "selfies" of his half naked body reflected in the mirror; Drew had left the front of his black shirt open, thrown back so that it hung loosely from his shoulders and was photographing his bare chest.

Tom made his move; he rushed into the bathroom and threw his left arm around Drew's neck and quickly placed the soaked cloth over Drew's mouth and nose. Drew was surprised, he inhaled deeply, breathing in the chloroform. Tom was as strong as his older brother; though Drew struggled for several moments,  the drug began to take effect; he didn't really understand what Tom was doing. Drew's left arm got tangled in his shirt and given the way Tom's right arm was choking him, Drew kept gasping to breathe, the chloroform quickly having its effect. Drew's body began to droop in Tom's arms; Drew's right arm fell limply to his side. Tom kept the cloth pressed over Drew's mouth and nose, against Drew's face until he was sure that Drew was out.

When Tom sure that Drews was out, he dragged his half brother's body to the bedroom. Tom dropped his body on the bed and began quickly to pulled off his jeans and underwear, leaving Drew naked and vulnerable. Tom grabbed Drew's exposed cock and balls and stroked them for a few moments before he went to get two pieces of rope from his own bedroom. Returning to Drew, Tom turned the naked body face down, pulling Drew's arms together and tied Drew's wrists tightly; he turned his brother's body over face up again and quickly tied Drew's ankles together. Tom looked at his half brother, naked and tied up; he knew quite well that by the time his friends found him, Drew would be screaming his lungs out, yelling for help.

That's exactly what happened. When Drew's friends arrived they could hear Drew yelling for help; They rushed to the bedroom and found Drew naked and tied up. They laughed like hell for awhile before one of them let Drew loose; they were not about to forget how they found him that night.

Tom had finally gotten his revenge; Drew would not be messing around with him any time soon.
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