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MURDER HE WROTE-Sudden Impact. . .
« on: December 04, 2016, 10:20:28 PM »
Will Hoglund was a 23-year-old grad student at the University of Oregon in Eugene; he was studying for his MBA. He was getting his degree in preparation for joining his father's construction firm in Portland, Oregon. Even though the economy was getting better since the 2008 recession, Will knew that the building industry had suffered a lot during the recession and was just now making a come back. His father was anxious to have will join the business; his dad didn't mind spending the money to have him attend the University. His dad thought that Will would be a great asset and possibly one day, when he was ready to retire, would take over the business well prepared to do so when his father was ready to retire.

Will was a handsome kid; his dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes were traits that he had inherited from his mother. He was thin,  some people would say, but his well-developed muscles were the result of hard construction working summers for his dad's business. At 23, Will, to all appearances, had little to worry about. It is quieter moments, Will look forward to the day when he assumed his place in the family business and began to contribute to his father's business success. His father was planning to change the name of the business to "Hoglund and Son" when will graduated and joined the firm.

Will figured out that he was gay in his early teens and had come out to his parents and brother and sister when he graduated from high school. He had feared his parents and siblings reaction but discovered he had really nothing to fear at all; his family reaffirmed that they loved him anyway in spite of fact that he was gay. Though he had had a sexual of sexual relationships with other guys while he was in high school and during his college years, Will look forward to the day that he'd find that someone special to spend the rest of his life with.

It was a warm spring evening, Will had been invited to go out for the evening to gay bar in Eugene with a couple of friends. They met up at the Wayward Lamb at around 8 o'clock that Friday night. His friends had already arrived and Will joined them. They had a bite to eat and were looking forward to some dancing in the lounge. Will at 5'10",165 lbs. was just the kind of guy who wouldn't have any difficulty finding someone to go home with. After several hours of dancing and drinking, Will was beginning to feel a bit tired and wasted; he wasn't much of a drinker and after five rum and coke's, he knew that he was at his limit. He made his excuses to his friends, he headed toward the door not realizing that he had been very much noticed by another guy at the bar who left the bar shortly after Will departed. Will had walked to the bar because he knew that he probably would be in no shape to drive after a Friday night out. He had not realized that he was being tailed by the guy who followed him out of the bar. Just as he was about to cross an intersection, a car pulled up blocking his path. A nice-looking guy got out and approached him; the guy appeared to want to say something to him but instead grabbed him, spinning him around and pressed a white cloth over Will's mouth and nose. Being drunk, Will offered little resistance as the guy pressed the cloth firmly to his face. Will inhaled deeply, gasping for breath. He struggled to break free of the guy's hold on him but could feel the effect of the chloroform that the guy had soaked the cloth with; it only took a minute or so before the drug took full effect. Will passed out in the man's arms. The guy dragged Will's limp body to the car and threw him across the back seat. Will began to come around; and as consciousness returned, he began to realize the pain in his shoulders and that is ass hole was feeling very wet. He was a bit blinded by the bright light over his head but realize quickly that his his wrists were tied above his head and his body was suspended from a beam in the ceiling overhead. Will's feet were barely touching the floor; he had been stripped naked and could feel the cool dampness in the room that he was in. He had no clue as to where he was or what had happened to him.

There was no one else in that cold, damp room; he suspected he was in a basement somewhere The guy who had drugged and kidnapped him left him hanging by his wrists but the pain in his shoulders told him that he had been there for several hours. Will could feel the warm wetness running down his inner thighs. He couldn't imagine what it was. It was in fact the warmth of his own blood. From the ache in his ass, Will began to suspect that he had been raped and from the pain he felt, he suspected that he had been raped more than once. He did not know that three other guys had dry fucked him while he was passed out. He couldn't help but wonder to himself what was going to happen to him next. It didn't take long before Will heard a door being opened and footsteps down the stairs that led to the basement. Will began to feel very afraid and absolutely vulnerable to whatever lay ahead.

He didn't recognize the man that walked past him; he was just aware of the pain that began to move down his body as he shivered in the coldness. All he could feel was the pain; his whole body was shaking. The guy turned to face Will realizing that it was a guy from the bar would watched him dance with his friends. The guy had stared at him for the longest time; one of Will's friends had even suggested that the guy who was staring at him looked like a pretty good catch. But all the guy did was watch Will's every move.

Will began to plead to be let go, promising he wouldn't say anything to anyone about anything that had occurred that night. The guy approached Will staring at Will's frightened face. The the guy, who appeared to be a little bit older than Will, suddenly knelt in front of him and began to stroke Will's cock and fondle his balls. After several moments, Will couldn't help but feel his cock begin the harden; guy continued to stroke Will's cock until was rock-hard and throbbing. He took Will's 7 inch cock and began to suck it. Will couldn't help it, he began to thrust his hard cock in and out of the guy's moist warm mouth. It didn't take long before Will could feel his orgasm begin to rise as he shoved his hard cock deeper into the man's eager mouth. Will's body began to convulse as his spunk began to shoot over and over again into that eager warm hole. Will's orgasm went on and on for what seemed like an eternity; Will couldn't remember having an orgasm that left him feeling so entirely spent. The guy continued to suck on Will's cock until it began to soften a bit. The guy licked Will's spent cock head, lapping up every bit of Will's spunk. When he was through, the guy stood up, turned around and walked over to a shelf in that Dan basement where he retrieved a 38 caliber pistol. He was standing about 12 feet away from Will when he turned and fired two slugs into Will's suspended body. Will screamed as the bullets pierced his gut. The guy seem to know that two slugs in the belly wouldn't kill Will right away. He returned the gun to the shelf and facing Will again, stood back to watch Will die.

Will's belly burned with pain as he began to bleed out; it ran down the front of his legs and began to pool on the concrete floor upon which he barely stood. Will could feel the burning pain in his shoulders as his body began to sway. It took about 20 minutes before Will lost consciousness, his head dropped to his chest. It took another 10 minutes before Will's breathing stopped and his heart quit beating a few minutes later. The pool of his blood on the floor glimmered in the bright light overhead. Will's rapist/murderer approached Will's dead body, he grabbed Will by the hair and pulled his head back. He felt for a pulse in will's carotid artery; finding none, he let go of his hair allowing his head to drop forward again.

All that anyone ever knew about what happened to Will was that he had disappeared. No trace of Will ever turned up. Will was simply gone.
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Re: MURDER HE WROTE-Sudden Impact. . .
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I always like reading about those shots to the lower extremities... fatal, eventually, but giving the shooter time to watch the process. I liked your step by step description in this one.