Author Topic: VID REVIEW: Swimmer Alexis Murdered By Mike While He Works Out And Mike Washes H  (Read 1096 times)


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Swimmer Alexis Murdered By Mike While He Works Out And Mike Washes His Nude Corpse Completely

This is one Hot VID . . .
Beside having the opportunity to watch one of BD's hottest young performers work out--keeping his beautiful body in perfect condition--Alexis, the young Russian, is perfectly done in; that is to say, murdered well! This is one exciting VID; a perfectly built young man gets strangled and laid out is a worthwhile investment. This presentation highlights Alexis' physique perfectly; the struggling, strangling portion is extremely well done. The lighting of this vid is very good as is Alexis' acting. How he manages to keep his eyes open is extraordinary and the long lingering panning of his dead corpse was so enticing that it made me want to be in this scene; left me wanting to be the one who fucks his dead naked corpse over and over. The careful filming of his body, as well as the close in filming of his face, his chest, torso, legs and feet, PERFECTO!!!

The only Alexis' vids that have disappointed me are the one's WHERE he is wearing clothes. HE IS THE PERFECT VICTIM; YOUNG, BLONDE, BEAUTIFUL. I love his accent when he speaks and the quality of his acting. If you haven't seen him @ Dream Boys Bondage, you ought to! Alexis is ALWAYS worth the price of admission.

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