Author Topic: VID REVIEW: Alexis Takes A Shower And Is Strangled Nude By Masked Man  (Read 1030 times)


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Alexis Takes A Shower And Is Strangled Nude By Masked Man

If you are an Alexis' fan, this VID will not disappoint . . .

Alexis strips down to take a shower. During the lingering shower scene, he gets aroused; his hard cock is front and center. He strokes up a lather; toying with his hard cock throughout. . .very well done. The lighting and camera angles are handled well and Alexis' "handling" his "part" is worth the cost of the VID. Alexis' struggle and final surrender to the cord around his throat is done very well; once again, how he manages to keep his eyes open is amazing to me.

His dead, naked corpse splayed out on the floor is a "pleasure to behold." His death stare is intense and believable. The lighting and close in camera work is well done. If you are the imaginative type--the filming of his corpse will surely get your juices flowing and cuming. (I experienced a very intense "reaction" to the closing camera work.)

Like many of his VIDs, Alexis' acting, reacting and response to what ever is happening to him is worth the price. From his death scene stare to his well proportioned feet, the slow visual exam of his body is, again, very well handled--the vid may end but my imagination as to how I might respond if I were there doesn't. I certainly would "finish" him off--especially if his cock were still as stiffly rigid as my cock was at the end of this VID.
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