Author Topic: VID REVIEW: Dr. Bruno Abuses And Kills Mike But He's Knocked Out, Stripped And S  (Read 1117 times)


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Dr. Bruno Abuses And Kills Mike But He's Knocked Out, Stripped And Shot Nude By Hitman Alexis

Bruno is new a new actor to BD and a very welcome addition to BD's line up of new faces.
Bruno poses as some kind of counselor--he needs a little coaching regarding playing a counselor--but manages to talk Big Bad Mike out of his clothes and onto his couch. He chats Mike up a bit before stabbing Mike to death. Now Mike is dead--three stab wounds would prove that--but there is only the action that substantiates the methodology of Mike's death. Big Bad Mike dies convincingly--it would be helpful if there was at least some blood to prove it.

Bruno, standing over Mike's handsome dead naked body, is unaware of Alexis' --the hitman--who chloroforms Bruno into unconsciousness. Alexis then proceeds to strip Bruno naked. Bruno's stunning physique is revealed and displayed for the world to see. Bruno is a very well muscled guy; his face, chest, torso, genitalia and legs and feet are a pleasure to the eye and the imagination. (Would love to see Bruno's chest and belly manscaped clean; he has beautiful nipples and a great set of cock and balls. Great abs beside!)
Laid out on the floor naked, the hitman wakes him up and kills him with three bullets to his handsome naked body. WOW!
Once again, my compliments to the camera man for his slow take on Bruno's dead naked body. The flashes from the pistol used were also a welcome addition though the damage done to Bruno is weak. The slower camera work is very enticingly inviting--to abuse the hell out of a dead Bruno. I would have loved to fuck his dead naked body at least once before leaving the scene of the crime!!! The closing with Big Bad Mike dead on the couch was a nice touch.

Bruno, though new to BD, is very much worth a serious look; he has a strong visual presence in  this VID and hopefully in future VIDs for BD.

Would love to see him in a military style execution scenario; can you imagine a soldier, ala Bruno, stripped naked and shot to death after being abused physically--rape and torture, a nice addition. Would love to see that VID.
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