Author Topic: VID REVIEW: Naked Bruno Is Murdered And Carried By Mike  (Read 1087 times)


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VID REVIEW: Naked Bruno Is Murdered And Carried By Mike
« on: December 17, 2016, 07:05:06 PM »
Naked Bruno Is Murdered And Carried By Mike

Ah Bruno!

Bruno is one of those guys that you might chose as a perfect victim.
He awakes and in the early morning "coming to" checks his phone and heads to the bathroom to shit, shower and shave with a typical morning semi-erect penis. He washes his face and while gazing at his reflection is attacked by Big Bad Mike who quickly wraps a coed around Bruno's neck and begins to strangle him to death. I really appreciated the film work done is this VID; Bruno's dick is not totally flaccid! Bruno stays somewhat hard through most of this VID and even in the death scene at the end is still somewhat hard. a point of fact in this  visualization Bruno's stunning physique is well handled by Big Bad Mike--Bruno remains hard through most of the strangling--actually would have loved to see Mike jerk him off a bit before applying the final tug on the strangling cord around Bruno's inviting throat. Bruno's death stare is extremely good, the lighting and visualization, again, is well done. Whoever did the editing of this VID captured the right pieces and put them together nicely!

Bruno is finally dragged back to his morning bed, where the scene began, and is laid out nicely; his semi-flaccid cock and balls on perfect display. I would have loved to see a final "cuming" climax to this scene. Perhaps a future end to a well done VID!!! Who knows!

Bruno is a new and enticing addition to BD's corral of young actors. He is strongly handsome with a very inviting physique--his face, torso, chest and genitalia, legs and feet are very nice to look at and imagine the "what if's . . ."

I'd certainly want to advantage myself by taking every liberty with his dying naked corpse.

Another BD offering that is well worth the price.
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