Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 79 (part 9)  (Read 599 times)

Kid Bronco

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« on: December 28, 2017, 10:54:47 PM »
"Damn," Snipe says to himself as he looks down on the hot-looking stud spread eagle at his feet. There are a few of the post-death twitches one comes to expect when a kid's brains are blown out and death comes so suddenly. Guess the nerves aren't quite as ready to accept what has happened as is the rest of the body. Problem is, the nerves don't know what to do and fire randomly, causing those sexy-looking jerks and twitches.

That's all good and fine and Snipe knows that these were intended to be Bronco's kills so that he'd be able to witness some head shots from a few inches away. Yeah, it was exciting all right. His cock was as stiff as a board and he uses his hand to slide it around in the cum-mess the last kill had shot into the leather jeans that he was now wearing. But as much as he wanted to shoot his load, he'd try to wait until tonight when he was back in camp with Bronco and the kill lying at his feet.

One thing he could do, however, would be to make the kid jerk one more time just for the fun of it. So, he unholsters his .45 caliber revolver and squeezes off a shot at point-blank range. BLAM. Fuck yeah. The heavy, flat-nosed slug made a sexy-looking, puckered hole in the kid's skintight leather and ripped through his bellybutton. Normally, such a shot would have exited, but by pure chance it slammed into his spinal cord and fragmented, thereby remaining in his body. The impact caused both the kid's arms and legs to jerk at the same time. It was almost as if his body wanted to convulse, but it never got that far.

Okay, time to get this dead hunk of meat draped over the saddle and back to camp. That was always a fun process... cupping one hand under a kid's crotch with the other hand lifting up under his chest. Snipe used a butt strap to make the job even easier. By securing the ends of the leather strap on one side of the saddle, the kill wouldn't have to be balanced right on top of the saddle. His body could be allowed to hang a little bit before that point. Ahh, perfect. Leather squeaked as the strap pulled up tightly in the kid's butt crack and spread his legs apart. But not for long. Snipe then straps the kill's boots and legs together. There's more squeaking of leather as if it were trying to protest as the young bounty hunter cinches the belts up tight, real tight.

Snipe walks around to the other side of the horse just to make sure everything is secure. Damn, what a fine way to check out the exit wound. Fuck yeah. The entry wound in his forehead was about the size of a penny and the exit wound blew away a fist-sized chunk of skull. A strand of brain stem dangled from the obscene-looking hole.

Snipe finally swings a leg over the saddle on his own horse and presses down in the stirrups with his heavy boots. He rocks forward and back in the saddle a few times so that the rounded surface at the base of the saddle horn would cause his nuts to get pushed around in various ways. Better not keep that up, Snipe, or you'll shoot off before reaching camp. With the kill on the trailing horse, he heads off. Along with Bronco, there will be three of them bedded down together. It will be a fun night.