Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 79 (part 8)  (Read 284 times)

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After dismounting, Snipe was taken somewhat off guard by how quickly the cocky young stud approached. And the scowl on his face sent a message, "Don't fuck with me." Damn, the kid looked sexy as hell in his skintight leather.

Snipe wasn't sure if Bronco sensed the urgency of the situation. It would be a close shot and he didn't want Bronco to be so rushed that he screwed up, but he also wanted Bronco to squeeze that trigger. He gestured as best he could with his right hand which hung at his side. Wow, Snipe could actually feel and hear the air whistling past his left ear, probably no more than a half-inch away. And at almost the same instant... THUD. A splatter of blood hits his nose and the cocky expression on the kid's face suddenly changes to one of surprise as a spray of blood, skull and brain matter explodes from the other side of his head. He stands there, rigid, his wide open eyes staring blankly into Snipes face. Snipe, in his sadistic manner, answers the question he knows the young cowboy wants to ask: "That was a .50 caliber slug from Bronco's buffalo rifle that just blew yer brains out, fucker. Oh, you can fall down now." As if obeying an order, the leather boy drops like a rock and sprawls  himself out in the spread-eagle style.