Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 79 (part 7)  (Read 368 times)

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"These leather's will do just fine," thought Snipe. He and Bronco usually stripped their kills in order to claim the best leather gear for themselves and sell the rest. And some wasn't even worth selling. But these were top quality leather jeans... the kind that had an inside layer of smooth leather that was in contact with your skin... the kind you would oil up on the inside so that your cock and nuts would slip and slide around as you walked or rocked back and forth in the saddle. These would be for him.

So, as soon as the boot twitching stopped, Snipe proceeded to remove the kid's boots, unbutton the jeans and begin to peel them off. But as soon as they were peeled down a bit he sees the massive, sticky mess  coating the kid's leg and the inside of the leather. "Damn, is it possible that a kid with his brains blown out could do such a thing?" He gets down on his knees and bends over and gives it a sniff. "DAMN, horny little fucker." And to be absolutely sure, he pokes a forefinger into the mess, coating the leather on the glove he's wearing and then dabs it on his tongue. His cock stiffens even more when he realizes he just tasted a cute young cowboy's death-load.