Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 79 (part 4)  (Read 288 times)

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« on: December 29, 2017, 12:35:34 AM »
It's obvious that the young ranch hand is somewhat nervous about Snipe's appearance. He recognizes him for who he is, a bounty hunter and Bronco's apprentice. Still, Snipe is able to engage him in conversation long enough for Bronco to take careful aim.

And when Bronco, the sadistic bastard, has the time to do so, he likes to slowly move the scope's crosshairs over various parts of a kid's body even when he's already decided where he's going to nail the fucker. This was especially fun to do when he was lying in the prone position on a hard surface because as his cock stiffened he would shift his weight slightly one way and another, causing his manhood to get squashed and mashed around just enough to feel good. That's what he was doing now and he couldn't resist including the upper part of Snipe's back and then his head in the game. "Hmmm, how would he react if i shot 'em there? Or maybe there?"

But Bronco doesn't waste too much time on this occasion. The crosshairs get centered on his target's forehead. Dead center. Then he moves the + down a couple of inches to where it's at the very top of the kid's nose, right between the eyes. Oh yeah, that's gonna make a REAL mess.