Author Topic: MURDER HE WROTE-The Young German Soldier  (Read 1620 times)


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MURDER HE WROTE-The Young German Soldier
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:58:19 PM »
MURDER HE WROTE-The Young German Soldier

Dieter was a 19-year-old kid fighting to maintain the last of the Third Reich. He was a slender young man who believed that he was giving his life in service to a cause that he didn't really believe in.

When he was captured, he offered little resistance to the Allied forces of the American army. He knew that he would probably be interrogated and eventually executed. He didn't realize however how painful that interrogation would be or how he would be executed – he simply knew that he was going to lose his life.

Dieter had been strapped to a wall with leather cuffs and beaten rather severely. When he had finally told everything that he knew, he was promised that if he could get his cock hard and jerk off till he had spewed spunk all over his belly that he would be taken back to his cell and eventually moved to an Allied POW camp and held to the hostilities were over. What he did not know however, was that he would be tortured and executed.

Dieter was beaten and lay sprawled on the floor of the interrogation cell; he was told that he had to jerk himself off if he expected a release from the interrogation. Dieter did as he was told; he stroked his cock until it was hard and jerked off. He finally came and then slumped to the floor. His cum was all over his belly and he ran his fingers through it hoping to please his interrogator. His interrogator was well pleased!

Dieter didn't see his interrogator pickup a bayonet. As he sat on the floor running his fingers through his own cum, he didn't notice his interrogator approaching. His interrogator suddenly grabbed him by the hair and stabbed Dieter three times in the belly. The stabbing happened very quickly; Dieter didn't really realize what happened; he only felt the three piercing wounds in his belly as he sat there. He was bleeding. He groaned as the bayonet pierced his stomach; his hands fell away.

Dieter never closed his eyes as the rivulets of blood flowed down his belly. He didn't say a word as his life slipped away. The 19-year-old could taste blood in his mouth – Dieter knew his execution wasn't quite over.

Dieter was still alive, barely, as his interrogator grabbed him under the arms and through his body across a table in the interrogation cell. Dieter was conscious enough to feel his interrogator's hard cock penetrate his his anus; he felt the pain as a hard cock was forced into his bunghole. He offered no resistance; it was over in a few moments. With his interrogators cum dripping from his ass, his body was shoved off the table, he landed face up. All Dieter could feel was the pain in his gut and the cum dripping down his ass cheeks.

It took several more moments, laying on his back, blood running down his belly that 19-year-old Dieter Holtz died in that interrogation cell. His blood mixing with his own cum; his interrogator satisfied. Dieter's corpse ended up on a pile of other young German soldiers bodies and burned.
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Re: MURDER HE WROTE-The Young German Soldier
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Great story and photos. Thank you, pakman.