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« on: May 15, 2017, 12:33:46 PM »
I see that the hanging video, LAST OF THE SPUR GANG is one of the videos on sale this week. It must have been at least two or more years ago that Best Deaths made this one for me as a custom. Sure, being a custom production, it cost considerably more than what it can be purchased for now. But I knew from the beginning that was how things worked. After all, I was getting exactly what I wanted. It was also my hope that it would eventually be offered for sale along with the other videos. I know, it has been available to members before, but for anyone who has not seen it and has an interest in the subject matter, I highly recommend it.

The synopsis of the video given at the BD store does a good job of telling the prospective buyer what to expect, so there's no need for me to rehash that here. Obviously, anyone who occasionally checks out the "Cowboys" section at this site  already knows that I like leather. So, that's something you'll see a lot of in this video as well as a couple of very attractive and talented actors. I especially like the last minute or so where we see the blank death-stare on the actor's innocent young face and the slow rotation of his body at the end of the rope. Excellent finish.

PS. Obviously I don't know how to use the italics thing here. Only the title of the video was supposed to be italicized. Oh well :)
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