Author Topic: Video Review: shank_stabs_himself_deep_into_his_belly_button  (Read 1185 times)

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The video shank_stabs_himself_deep_into_his_belly_button is awesome. Shank, if that is your name, you made a great video. The two scenes were very impressive and glued me to my seat. In the first scene I was disappointed that your great chest and belly were not seen easily. At the end of the scene when you breath your last, it would have been great to see you body with the sword impaled in your pec by having the camera angle facing down unto your body like you did in the second scene.

I would like to see more scenes like the ones with the sword and it would be even more impressive if you were not wearing a jacket and I could see your entire upper body. From what I see of your upper body it is worth exhibiting your massive chest and deep belly to us. I would buy more videos since there are not many videos that use a sword in an effective way that you do. Of course your impressive body is worthy of the piercing/stabbing with a sword.
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Re: Video Review: shank_stabs_himself_deep_into_his_belly_button
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The fact that the shaft of his penis was peeking out didn't hurt either.  I loved the bloody belly as well.  Getting your gut run through was hot, hope to see more.