Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 80 (part 4)  (Read 239 times)

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It took a while before the lynching party finally concluded that the last one was really dead because his legs remained splayed apart. Fuck yeah, it looked sexy as hell, but they kept expecting them to go limp and hang together like they normally do in other hangings. It must have had something to do with the fact that the kid seemed to get unusually aroused by the feeling of the noose around his neck and the way he started frantically clawing at his crotch right near the end. The horny fucker must've shot one helluva load in his leather Levi's. Yeah, the hangman recalled that in spite of all his whining and begging to be released, that he got an incredible hard-on when the noose was cinched up around his neck and he felt the hangman's leather glove on his neck and chin. And of course the hangman couldn't resist teasing and pestering the kid even more by rubbing the glove across his lips and cupping it over his nose, forcing him to smell the sensual aroma of the leather.

So, they let 'em hang there for a while where he slowly swung in the breeze and rotated one way and then the other. Finally, the hangman noticed the thick droplets of cum running from under the cuff of his right pant leg and onto his boot. Damn, he did shoot one helluva load.

He and the others were then draped over saddles and carried the short distance to the slaughterhouse at the other end of town where they were laid out and stripped of their gear. The butcher from the meat market and Bronco haggled over the price for the "meat" while Bronco's apprentice, Snipe, picked through the leather gear, guns and boots, deciding what they'd keep and what they's sell.