Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 82 (part 5)  (Read 286 times)

Kid Bronco

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« on: February 06, 2018, 09:12:37 PM »
This part is almost as satisfying as the rush of squeezing the trigger. Bronco has arrived at the spot where the kid hit the dirt and lies there on his back spread-eagle, staring up blackly at the sky. The bounty hunter congratulates himself, "Nice shot if I do say so." He's always impressed by the size of the exit would his buffalo rifle makes. Nasty looking. There's the creaking sound of leather as Bronco pinches his legs against the sides of the saddle and rocks back and forth a few times, forcing his nuts to press against the raised part of the saddle at the base of the saddle horn and get pushed one way and another.

Obviously, his trophy is already dead. When your target isn't a two-thousand pound buffalo, but a skinny one hundred-twenty pound eighteen year-old, a second shot is rarely needed. But that doesn't stop Bronco from having some fun. Getting to see his kills jerk when he pumps another slug into them is always a turn-on. And he's learned through experience that certain points on the body will do just that.