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Thank you, Hunter, for the nice expressions. And a reminder to anyone wondering why I need to split these posts up into so many parts. It's just that the gifs take up lots of space which means that they usually have to stand alone. Adding even one still photo to the same posting exceeds the space limit. Also, if you want to look at a gif, please be patient. Sometimes it takes long time before it starts working. That might be partly the way the platform here handles gifs(?) or maybe because my computer is old and slow. 

The set here is similar to dozens of others I've posted, but it's one of my favorite erotic fantasies. We've seen variations on this theme in many films such as the opening scene in the Clint Eastwood movie, "For a Few Dollars More." Although such shootings lack the close up and personal element that can be exciting in their own right, they offer an adrenaline rush of a different sort.

Picture yourself (strictly in fantasy, of course) spread out on some warm, flat rock on a ridge looking out over an expanse of prairie. You've been tracking the wily eighteen year-old outlaw for days and he's thus far been able to remain one step ahead of you. Guess the horny fucker couldn't resist his lust for leather. The theft of some leather gear, boots and a gun rig is what sent him running. But now you have the kid in sight.  Ha... bet he thinks he's safe out there in the distance. Obviously he hasn't learned much about rifles, especially fifty-caliber buffalo rifles and the fact that Bronco owns one.

Normally, Bronco prefers to use his .45/70 rifle for bounty hunting. It's plenty powerful enough to bring down anything he'd be after. It also makes for a "cleaner" kill that is less bloody and messy. That's something to consider when you have to drape a body over the saddle. At a closer range he'd never use his fifty-caliber buffalo rifle on a kid since it would come close to cutting 'em half and make one helluva mess. But, for the really long distance shots, that was the rifle to use.

So, you're lying there on your belly on that flat rock or maybe crouching down and resting the barrel of the rifle on another rock. Damn, to the naked eye, the kid on horseback looks like a speck. He's riding away from you at a slow, walking pace and you have plenty of time. Just the anticipation of nailing the kid has gotten you hard. You decide to follow an old, good luck ritual that some bounty hunters believe in... to lubricate the bullet with some of your own body sweat. It's supposed to make the lead slide through the barrel smoothly and some even claim that your kill can instinctively tell when he's been shot with such a cartridge. So, Bronco unsnaps his codpiece, allowing his stiff tool to flop out onto his chaps. Then he rotates the massive hunk of lead against his nuts before jacking the round into the chamber of the big rifle.

The leather-clad eighteen year-old feels safe out there. And why not? He feels he's home free. Nothing to worry about. You bring the powerful scope up to your eye. You can see the heat of the day make those wavy lines through the lens. You bring the crosshairs down to the center of his back and just a little left of center. You raise the crosshairs a couple of inches in order to compensate for drop. BOOOOOOOOM. The sound reverberates off of the mountains. The violent recoil of the rifle has lifted it high into the air and it would take too long to bring the scope back down to use for viewing. Anyway, it's more fun to watch this part with the naked eye. He's still just a dot on the landscape, but it looks like he was lifted up in the saddle a bit by the impact of the heavy hunk of lead. His arms are thrown up and out and the fucker rolls out of the saddle.

As many times as Bronco has made such kills, he's still amazed by the power he has over life and death from such great distances... the loud BOOOOM and recoil... the slight delay that follows... and then watching the kid roll out of the saddle. Almost like magic.